Content creation – Search Engines have a definite algorithm to provide results of the relevant websites which matches the query string that is fed in the search bar. In order to crack this loop, various SEO Techniques are employed and even digital marketing agencies are hired. To be or not to be relevant according to the search engine is the weird question that every business faces and prepares for. Successful SEO Depends upon investment in originality and quality of content creation. Engaging, emotional and convenient content is the secret ingredient of Search Engine Optimization.

That’s all you need to make it to top of Search Engine Queries.

Content that is original, creative and provides the answers in short bursts is called valuable content. You can refer to my article on Google snippets shared earlier for more details. It is both the quantity and quality of content that holds significance. The use of title tags, featured images, infographics, practicality and credibility of the content are important to boost the content’s viral potential.

Content on any website can be broadly written off in two categories, informative or entertaining. Honestly speaking, it can be both too and depends mostly on the writer as to how it expresses and also on the reader how he perceives it.

Following points exemplify that content writing is the secret ingredient in SEO.


Content on your website is your representative that speaks on your behalf. If you talk to your consumers in person, you would want to make an astounding impression. Would you not greet them with reverence and yet be smart and intelligent enough to hold their attention and focus? Same is with the content on your website which stands for you and speaks on behalf of you in the digital world. It greets a viewer, engages him on an intelligent and emotional level and imprints the gesture of your business in the reader’s mind.

The more powerful impact of your content, more are the chances of you able to generate more visitors on your website.


The content on your website contains thoughts and information that you want to convey. It is very important that you communicate to occupy your reader’s mind. The content should be clear and comprehensible. Simplicity is your best friend when it comes to creating content because nothing connects well as simplicity.

The charm of creating valuable content is that it should be simple and should also deliver the required message at the same time. Readers will want to revisit your website again only when your content has made your point clear and conveyed your message in well-framed words.


Many tend to connect the term ‘content’ with texts. On the other hand content refers to the list of materials through which a particular message can be inferred. This material can be of any form like text, image, and video. Each and every form of content should be used accordingly. “A picture is worth a thousand words” a demonstration can be easily inferred from a picture when compared to texts. Similarly, info-graphics are considered to be extremely useful content to deliver what is intended. Similarly for promotional purpose companies would try to build video content as it would be easier to communicate larger content in a stipulated time. Using the appropriate content form for a different purpose will bring in huge benefit in user engagement.


Content is the most vital and the most crucial tool for Content Creation for your Website. The website, in general, is created having a particular goal. The content of the website is going to talk through the visitor and will convert the same as your potential customers. The website content should deal with the services the website offers or the products that they have for the user.

On the other hand the blog, content will be purely informative. They deal with a particular aspect and should explain them in a detailed fashion.

Web content will market your products and services and blog content will market your website itself.


It is a well-proven fact that the rationalized and relevant content builds trust for you in the readers’ mind. It’s when your content has generated trust and faith in a reader that he would want to revisit again for either reference or looking for something new. All businesses are built on trust without exceptions and that is why it is highly valued and fought for.

For instance, why do you bank on Wikipedia about any anything you want to know about? Content provide reliance, dependency, accuracy and best possible consumer experience because of which users would visit again. Articles on Wikipedia are uploaded after checking by editors and backed with citations. That is the power of content in building the trust between the website and the visitor.


You should know that content is the main ingredient in Search Engine Optimization. The more updated, relevant and concise is your content the more are the chances of scoring a better rank on search engines. It is your content and the way you have presented your thoughts that helps in generating traffic on your website.

The queries that users feed in (also called as Keywords) forms the basis for the search engine to determine the ranks website. Whether the queries match your website or not, is determined by the content that is posted on it. It is this ranking that drives organic traffic to your website and generates business for you.

Many businesses spend the insane amount of money on paid campaigns as a shortcut to appear on the top of searches instead of building the mandatory assets like creating a blog. This kind of shortcut makes them stay on top as long as their campaigns are fueled and would disappear after that. Instead, build assets like the blog to communicate to the users as they have to somehow attain benefit from your website.

Conversion, Clicks, and ROI

It is very obvious that a reader will move on to another website if the content you have presented is not convincing or if he finds it confusing. Anyone spending time on your website and reading your content is an opportunity which should be utilized perfectly. The content needs to be pitching perfect and should serve the purpose.

Content is the magical formula that builds up conversion rates. The content featured in snippets generates clicks according to its relevancy and impression that it is able to create on the viewer and in turn clicks act as a great return on investment. It is your content that turns a viewer into the visitor.

Any business new or established relies on Digital Marketing and the first step in getting it right is through developing value content. Everything else is just there as a facade and the one that is driving the whole digital world silently is the content. It is the secret ingredient recipe that establishes and binds the whole recipe together.

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