Website homepage content – are you confused as to what to put on the homepage of your website? If yes, do not worry as you are not the only ones who go second guessing about it till you feel paralyzed. The fact is that even a number of well-experienced digital marketers to struggle when it comes to placing content on the homepage of a website.

Well, while there is no “perfect formula” you can follow, there are a number of options you can choose from. Below mentioned is the checklist you can follow to understand what needs to go on the homepage of a website. It is important to understand that you need to create a smart homepage that will help your business achieve its goals.



The very first thing the visitor sees on your website is the logo. The ideal placement for the same is on the top left side. You also need to resist the urge to get more creative with the logo’s placement. Also, do not crowd your logo with a number of elements seem unnecessary. You can instead opt to surround it with a lot of negative space as it makes the logo stand out.

A number of people love to animate their logo but remember that it is a passé and can also cause problems with the loading speed of your website.


After the logo, the next thing any visitor notices on your homepage is the site menu. The menu needs to feature the important pages of the website and it should allow the visitors to navigate to a specific page quickly. Some of the tips you can follow while designing the menu on the homepage are,

  • Never overload the site menu with a number of items as it can confuse the visitors. Keep it simple. If necessary opt for other kinds of navigational elements.
  • Create menu items that are not only simple but are descriptive at the same time. Why can’t you label the menu item as “Bail Board” instead of using the word services? Well, it is time you get a little creative.
  • You can also make use of the hamburger icon, which has three lines that are placed horizontally. This is gaining popularity and is also used for mobile devices as well as desktops.
  • If you want to create a menu that is expandable, you can use a smart approach, instead of opting for old traditional ones.


After the above two, if you are still wondering as to what to put on the homepage of your website, you need to think about providing access to those special features you wish to offer to your visitors. Make sure you choose an elegant way to do so. Some of the examples are login or register.


The main image is often called the “Hero Shot” and there is a reason for calling it so. This is not only the largest but is also the most prominent elements on the homepage of your website. But, there are also a few things you need to keep in mind when designing the same. Let us have a look at what they are.

  • Make sure the main image you plan to use on the homepage blends tastefully. It needs to follow the elements of the header and should also blend well with the menu and the logo as well.
  • Do you know that the main image on your website performs the role of a “gatekeeper”? It needs to have the perfect combination of both the visual as well as verbal elements. The main image also inspires the visitors and acts as a qualifier and a disqualifier too.
  • The main image also needs to be simple as it acts as the focal point on the home page. You need to make sure it is focused and is singular. Also, make sure that the image you choose is authentic and relevant.


The “homepage headline” conveys the important message about your business. The headline needs to be placed below or above or can also be included in the main image. Mentioned below are a few key points that you need to focus on when writing the headline.
  • The headline you create needs to invoke the “sense of belonging” in the reader. They need to understand that the website has to offer.
  • The headline also needs to answer the most important questions which most visitors have – “What is in store for me?”
  • If you are confident about your writing skills you can write the headline on your own or you certainly need to hire a copywriter. Remember not to cut the corners with the copy thinking it would save you money – it can at times have the opposite effect too.


    The homepage of the website also needs to have a proper introduction to your business. This is the right way you can begin the dialogue with the website visitor. Make sure it is tight and informative. You can even include the right keywords as well as internal links in the same.


    If you are still wondering as website homepage content, after the above-mentioned elements, then you certainly need to include a column for the blog posts. But, is a blog really important? Yes, it is! You can direct the visitors to your blog posts and this will in turn help increase their engagement and will also help you gain a good number of subscribers. Some of the main points you need to focus on are mentioned below.
  • You can showcase some of the popular or the most recent posts with the headline and a featured image and then add the “Read More” button.
  • You can also add a post grid that shows popular and recent posts.

    Content blocks are important as they can be used to provide valuable information to the website visitors. Some of them you can include in the content blocks are products or services, offers, clients, awards, events, news or even the location of your business.


    If you have a website that has a good number of pages, you can add a search box on the top of the homepage. It acts as a shortcut that enables the visitors to quickly navigate to the page, without wasting any time.


    It is important for every website to have a footer and it is one of the standard features followed by almost every web designer. It is important as it can be used to showcase some of the important information like the companies contact info, the location with the map, the signup or the subscription form, social media optimization icons and much more.

    Hope we answered your question as to “what to put on the homepage of your website?” Remember that it’s your homepage and you can feature whatever you want on it, but make sure to plan and design your page based on what your visitors might like and want.

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