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Creating a website for your business need not be a labor-intensive task anymore. You can browse for simple templates and website builder tools to have your own site up and running. While the technical side can be looked into, you still worry about this. What is the major content you will have to publish on the site? Will the info capture the attention of web audiences and SEO company? Will you get desired customers on the global forum? These are the questions you keep asking yourself time and again.

Here is a list-down on 8 important info on what to put on a website for business?

You initially may have a small start-up or an e-biz enterprise to kick-start the business. So here we go:

Publish your story

You need to create a corner to portray the vision or the stem idea behind starting your very own venture. You can publish the story behind what prompted you to start your very own venture. You can post the story in an attractive manner to motivate the aspiring business conglomerates too. This can be done on the ‘About Us’ section or the History page of your e-site.

This way, you can also build your very own credibility about your start-up venture. You reach out to customers who are hearing about you, for the very first time. When you publish your story on your business site, you also get a very good platform to be authentic about your business brand. You put your product shelf on a nutshell. And finally, share the story behind what motivated you to start your venture.

Product/Services info

On the homepage itself, you can include the product categories. Or typically list down the niche on services you plan for your community. This can let you pick visitors based on their interests. You can mention the fabulous or mega discounts you intend coming up with.

As a thumb rule, you need to remember this. Put the attractive things by the entrance of the stall. You can automatically have visitors passing by your store. This applies to a physical or a virtual store.

Location and business operating hours- another major must have

You may really be surprised if I were to tell you this. Your network organic traffic can double-up if you mention the location of the site. Plus the business operating hours at the top of your web page. Create a landing page or series of pop-up icons so that this info is displayed on whichever web page you are in.

Say, for example, if your e-site has a.CA domain, your web audiences come to know that you are operating from Canada. The location of the site is also helpful for visitors who stay closer by the vicinity. If you are running a bakery or grocery stores, there is a particular limitation on the demography you can cover. In other words, you may be able to deliver products only within a certain area. This info is disclosed while you reveal the location. Stating the location of a business can also help you stay at a better place in Google rankings. You can also state the infographics on the ‘Google My business ‘profile.

Contact details

Again you need to share your address along with the contact details. Mention the phone numbers and fax numbers simultaneously. You can include the company’s web address too. In case of potential customers, who would want a quote via a fax message or via an email, you surely don’t want to miss them out. Quite a lot of web users can find your business by clicking on a shared link or through keyword search. Mentioning your site’s contact details in an elaborate manner helps your business locate key prospects.


Adding images can lend a visual feel to your growing web audiences. Although it is practically impossible to find an icon or picture imagery for 10,000 odd products you are dealing with. A Pictionary or imagery can be done using two ways.

a) You can invest in Custom design imagery authentic and applicable for your very own business. The imagery can promote the products, office, and staff you are dealing with. Custom imagery can also lend your business brand with a unique identity.

b) Else, you can invest in free or inexpensive images offered by world-class leaders. Getty stock images require you to pay a small subscription fee upfront. But you can itemize your product lists with the amazing set of images the firm can provide you with. You can subscribe to Pinterest to get a fabulous set of images for your product niche.

Social Media presence

Most of the businesses make it mandatory for you to have a social media presence. You can have a Facebook, Linked In or a Twitter profile. It is not needed that you need to have an active profile in all three of them. But having basic profiling done via a social media channel is mandatory for you to get started off.

You can integrate them with your business site. This can be done by including the relevant links into your site. And then asking web audiences to connect with you. Say, for instance, you can ask your Facebook customers to like your business page.

Ask for consumer reviews

You can promote consumer reviews by adding freebies or discount coupons on future purchases they make with your firm. This is after they leave their review comments or provide product reviews to your niche. You can ask them to refer their friends and leave their email addresses too. Again these reviews can be helpful even from a business standpoint. As you can work with your team to make the products even better. Deciding info on what to put on a website for business actually determines who you are.

Include a call to action or share buttons

It may look easy but the technique actually isn’t. You need to necessarily include a call to action or share buttons after publishing every type of content on your site. The consumers can follow your business on social media. Or hook up to signing up your business newsletters

Again you can collect their telephone numbers or email addresses so that you can connect with them. To do business with them of course.

These are the 8 must-have info on what to put on a website for business. You can feel free to include slideshows, video clippings and a lot more to attract audiences better.

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