SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies used to increase the website ranking on the search engines. It can be broadly categorised into on page and off page SEO.

The efforts which we put externally on a page to increase its search engine rankings are known as Off-Page SEO.These methods are employed in a way to impress search engines like Google, Bing and boost our page rankings.

On-Page SEO is the change we do on our website and it’s webpages to make them friendly for the search engine algorithms.


It is a misconception of many people that only building backlinks are called Off-Page SEO. But there are lots of other techniques which are effective as Off-Page SEO strategies. Lots of SEO experts believe that after following these practices, the search ranking of your webpage is definitely going to be increased. So, let’s look at these techniques one by one:


Social media platforms work as a good platform for your Off-Page SEO campaign. You just have to create accounts on these networking sites and keep sharing new content related to your website niche. You can also share the links of your website too. Once you build a good audience on your account, you will start gaining a good social image of your website on the internet. You can make use of Social Network Websites like:

•    Facebook

•    Twitter

•    Instagram

•    Tumblr

•    Pinterest

•    LinkedIn etc

These websites could do a lot as an Off-Page SEO strategy if someone uses them effectively. With a focused approach you will start seeing a good increase in your online reputation when you share valuable content on these platforms.


Directory Submission is the oldest and most effective technique in Off-Page SEO. This method is neglected every time because of its delayed results. Find a directory website related to your niche and submit your homepage link there. Some of the popular directory submission websites are listed below:

•    Ecoblue Directory

•    Gigablast

•    Submitexpress

•    Viesearch

•    Infotiger

•    Somuch

When you insert the links of your websites and pages, it will be easy for the search engine to find your website and index it to the top ranking pages.


Social Bookmarking is the method in which we share our website articles, blog posts, videos and images on famous social bookmarking sites. These websites help the websites to get indexed on the search engine faster. It is another under-estimated but very effective Off-Page SEO technique. Some of the known social bookmarking sites are given;

•    StumbleUpon

•    Digg

•    PearlTrees

•    BibSonomy

•    Reddit etc

These websites are free and you can post unlimited blog post links here. The search engine would definitely love it when you regularly post your articles and blog post on these platforms. Make sure to use appropriate tags and titles while posting to ensure the constant growth in your popularity.


Photos are the best way to create awesome articles and webpages but they can do a lot to help you in your Off-Page SEO campaigns. Photo sharing is a best and easy method to do because you just have to share the published photos on different photo sharing platforms. Some of the popular photo sharing websites are given below:

•    PhotoBucket

•    Flickr

•    500px

•    Picasa etc

Post images which attract people. When people see them, they will start liking, commenting and sharing them and it will result in a great network with a new audience.


While posting an article on your website or blog, make sure that it should be informative and easy to share for the audience. If they like it, they will definitely try to share it with their friends and near ones. Put share buttons with the article for different Social Media Platforms. People are going to share your content definitely if they like it.

Search engine always promotes the pages on its rankings which are shared by the readers most of the times. Use a good article flow with a conversational and humorous writing tone.


If you own a business website then creating a blog page for a website could do a lot as Off-Page SEO. You have to create a blog page on your website and post regular articles on this blog related to your niche and industry. It will be easy for a blog to get indexed and perform well in the search engine as compared to the website.

Things to remember before writing blog articles:

•    Do keyword research

•    Use images and videos in the articles

•    Interact with the audience

•    Use appropriate headings and article structure

Once your blog articles get good ranking on the search engine, it will be easy for the whole website to grow faster. If you are not good at writing articles then hiring a good content writer is also an easy thing to do.


Forum website is widely used to find answers regarding lots of queries and to implement Off-Page SEO techniques as well. Popular websites have dedicated Forum pages to solve customer queries.

Find forum websites and pages related to your niche and start conversations with the people. Answer their queries and share the links of your articles appropriately. When you create a good reputation in the forum for your profile, then people trust your advice and hence you can use these forums to perform various link sharing strategies. 


Video submission is the trending SEO technique which results in fast effects in rankings. If will help you to get direct traffic for various video sharing platforms. Start creating videos on useful topics in your niche with proper title, description, and tags. After creating the videos, share them on popular video submission platforms like:

•    Youtube

•    Hulu

•    Vimeo

•    Vine

•    Ustream etc.

You can share links to your webpage along with the videos. You can use lots of video creator application and software to make awesome videos like:

•    Windows Movie Maker

•    OpenShot

•    Avidemux

•    Videopad Video Editor

Create and edit videos using these free tools and don’t forget to insert videos into your articles too.


Guest blogging is one of the most debated link building strategies on the internet. But, it is one of the most effective and fast technique to improve website ranking and get quality backlinks from reputed and well-established websites.

Find the websites on the internet which accepts the guest posts in your niche.

Lots of the website help newbies to promote their websites using their instituted website as a platform. Once you find good websites to write guest posts, start writing great articles and submit them with one or two backlinks to your website.

Things to Remember:

•    Do not post many guest articles on a single website.

•    Focus on link quality over quantity while inserting links.


It is the best and trending way to promote a website and getting a good outreach for webpages. Infographics are the images which show some information in the form of texts and graphics. Instead of creating and posting ordinary images, try to create good infographic images which have more chances to get shared by the audience. You can try the below websites to create good infographics for free.

•    Submitinfographics.com

•    Nerdgraph.com

•    Infographicsarchive.com

Many big websites are using infographics to share the information because it is an easy way to understand any information.

Because of this.search engines are also promoting the web pages which includes infographics.


Instead of following random link building techniques, focus on building real relationships with other business owners, bloggers, and influencers in your field. Join groups and networks on social media platforms and try to learn new techniques related to SEO from different people. Make new friends and try to promote on their websites if possible.

When you have enough networks in your industry, it will be easy to ask them for link sharing, guest posting and implementing other effective off-page SEO schemes. It will help you also in the growth of business and market research strategies.


Q&A website can serve you like an effective way to promote your websites and blogs. These websites share opportunities to ask questions from the experts. Along with sharing your knowledge with the audience, you can randomly share your article links.

Start involving in trending conversations and answering the question. When you get some publicity on some Q&A websites, it will be easy to use these websites to do any type of link sharing and website promotion technique.


Create good quality documents in the formats like ppt, docx, pdf and share them on famous document sharing platforms. The search engine will promote you when it will see you sharing relatable and high-quality documents with people. Some famous document sharing websites are listed below:





It will take time to create these documents but the results of this technique are very impressive.


Find famous and respected persons in your industry and connect with them using social media or any other medium. Once you get recognized and familiar to them they can easily help you in the promotion of your website or blog. You can ask them for any type of expert suggestions too.

You can start promoting to their website just to create new networks. When you work with them as a contributor, you will learn new things about your industry.


Broken links are the links which are bad or removed from a website and redirecting to error pages like 404 error. Once you find the dead or broken link on a reputed website, contact them using contact emails and pitch a good replacement request. Just tell them that you have a similar webpage which can easily replace your dead link. You can use the below tools to find the broken links on any website.

•    Brokenlinkcheck.com

•    Deadlinkchecker.com

It does not matter how much big a website is? Every website has broken links. You just have to find them and inform the administrator about it. If you get a single link from a highly reputed website, it will be equal to hundreds of low-quality backlinks.


All the techniques given above comes under white-hat SEO techniques. It will take time to implement them but if you follow them consistently then you will get positive results for sure.

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