Nowadays Web development is considered to be the talk of the town. Rumours and myth would definitely accompany anything that becomes a part of daily talk whether it’s a product or a person. The digital world has created rock stars out of web developers giving rise to myths around them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning make regular headlines. The whole environment has become so cloudy with people behaving as if they are about to choose the pill.

In this article, we are going to debunk such myths that surround a web developer and hinder their progress.

1. Code writing since younger age is a prerequisite.

Did you buy this seriously?  Media has fueled this myth that younger the developer higher is his/her talent and success rate. There are cases where a teenager began writing codes as a kid and became a successful billionaire. But having to write the codes early in order to be a good successful website developer is not mandatory.  Skill matters rather age. It is good to begin early but it is never too late to start.

The people who market this myth would be most probably the ones who look for excuses for not learning stuffs.  If you still believe that coding is for younger people you can begin coding whenever you want to give it a shot and you would feel how the code flows into you.  Anyway, everything you need to start is available digitally.

2. Create a prototype website and you can call yourself a web developer.

Web developers are proficient in their field with ability and experience to build a wide variety of websites catering to different needs. New languages, their extensions, the databases and the frameworks come on more than a regular basis. Coding is a kind of field in which getting a light hold over the concept require lesser than usual. Wherein mastery in the same requires a lot of effort, extensive learning and great skills set that cannot be earned even when practiced for a prolonged period of time. Frankly speaking, it would drive you to learn new things but the reality is new things keeps on coming.

The only way out is to Embrace yourself for a long learning spree with no shortcuts in sight.

3. It takes less time and can be done rapidly.

Web development has a definite process with clear steps right from conceptualization to execution. Different programming languages and several markup languages serve different purposes but these have to be used in a united fashion to build a much responsive website.   Each step is equally important and a great website takes a little time to be built. A simple basic website can be built easily but the task becomes complex with requirements.

Learning a thing and experimenting the same are definitely not the same. Similarly, a stronghold over the code or design can only be tested when one has spent years of experimenting it.

 4. Website should be perfect.

Perfection is unattainable and what might be perfect now may become an irrelevant thing in coming days. Prioritizing the needs is very important for a website developer. It is extremely difficult to capture and optimize every need in a single website. For example, you may want to design a website that is visually very appealing but it would take a lot of time in loading which may irritate the visitor. There is always a tradeoff between various factors. You have to decide and prioritize your requirements and create a functionally satisfying website.

5. Development and designing are two sides of the same coin.

While there might be an overlap between web development and designing but the two are definitely not interchangeable. Developer focuses more on the backend process where he focuses on the technical aspects of developing the website while a designer focuses more on the front end process.

In other words, a designer makes sure that what is displayed on the website is satisfactory whereas a developer makes sure that whether the required functions are working properly in the website.  A designer envisions and creates a visual layout. It is the developer that ensures that the designer’s viewpoint and layout are incorporated into the site without sacrificing its functionality.

6. Once the website is built your job is complete.

Will you ever buy a television or an air-conditioner that comes without warranty? No would be the obvious answer. Similarly, a website also requires constant maintenance and constant updating of content will project both to your that you actually care about your website. Even after creating a website it requires constant efforts to keep it up to date. Just like cookies, it needs love and care. Changes will be coming now and then with new features, text and images to be replaced regularly. If nothing the text written on the website will need to be changed on regular basis for SEO purpose.

7. More features guarantee better website.

Many successful websites actually have the most simplest UI/UX. Many people think that more the features a website has greater hit it becomes. This is absolutely false. Sometimes more features increase the complexity of the website which can be confusing and decrease user-friendliness.

The website must be designed keeping in mind ease of use as well as clients requirements.

8. Design should be focused on more than the content.

The design may be the initial crowd puller but the quality content makes sure that the traffic never stops. You might enter a restaurant due to its ambience and lavish decoration but if the food is stale you won’t eat there the next time. UI and UX are generally spoken in the same line although they are quite different. Hence, content is the king.

9. Building a new website is the most difficult part.

Building a website does require some skills but the most difficult part is building a website that is engaging and keeps on bringing traffic each and every day. Static websites are mostly easy and it is the dynamic ones that are more responsive and is considered to be the most efficient one. It requires a lot of effort to develop a fully responsive website. It is not much of a difference whether the website is you are about to develop is new or old. All that matters is the functionality that is incorporated in the same.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

 10. A one size fits all website

Every business has different requirement and hence their websites too will be different. Their user base would be different and the website needs to look good on different screens and hence responsive. With so many screen resolutions, different devices a website built on your computer may not be compatible with many others. You need to make your website a multi-device compatible.

We hope some of the myths got cleared through the blog and if any still remains, do let us know. So give coding a try and you will be able to find a lot about the web development world. Just remember, it is very easy to code.

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