Types of facebook ads accessing social media has always been the in-thing among today’s generation. Younger teens are hooked to their Facebook or Instagram accounts over their e-mails. Quite a lot of e-commerce owners want to capitalize on this particular trend. They want to put up their stall on Facebook. Or share the store’s dazzling pics with Instagram. This way, you familiarize your brand with the growing audiences, out there. Web visitors come to your site to buy the products. You want to double up your sales turnover or profit margin by using this platform.

In this segment, you are going to be learning about the different types of Facebook ads. These ads can visibly increase customer engagement. More and more web users flock to your site.



These are desktop or Right Column Ads. Domain Ads are the most commonly used version amongst the virtual shop owners. These are also known as Page Post Link Ads. But there is something entirely unique to the whole thing.

These are single image ads. The virtual firm can caricature its brand icon in an appealing manner. Then you can paste text worth 100-200 words. The text if too long can be rejected by Google Inc. You also have a description box below the link. This is the backlink that leads web visitors to your site, as such. Mom expresso is a blogging firm that uses domain ads to depict info.


These are also known as Carousel Ads. You display a wide range of products rolled out by your store. This gives your potential customers, a better eye for detail. They are able to conveniently categorize which are the kind of products they badly want. And which are the ones they don’t want? Bundled up combo offers can also be put out on display with Carousel ads. The multi-product campaign rolled out in 2015 is bound to bring in more visitors to your site.


Offer Ads have again campaigned on Facebook in a vigorous manner. These ads give a one day offer, you can claim to be all yours. The ad also gives you access to a unique bar code you can use from the online store. You can redeem the coupon codes only for that single day. Let me illustrate a simple example of a flash ad or offer ad

“Hurry, you get a 70% off on jewellery for Valentine’s Day. Use Barcode VALENTINE70PERCENT at check out in order to avail the irresistibly cool offer”.

The sense of urgency and the festive oriented campaign make sure you sell your stocks in a reasonably shorter period of time. These are flash ads that can quadruple sales volumes.


These are ads that collect info from the user without him/her having to leave Facebook. The info like User’s name, email id and telephone number are automatically captured from FB itself. Once you have an interest in the particular ad campaign, you click on the corresponding lead ad icon. The Submit button is automatically punched in. Within FB, you will have to download this manually. And link it up with the respective CRM. This way, you collect lead prospects of consumers. And reach out to the brand as such.


Canvas Ads are interactive 3-D Ads. If you love playing with Facebook 3D image galleries, then you would love mind-captivating canvas ads too. These ads contain text followed by the relevant videos. You spread the message of thought and harmony while you want to promote your range of products.

To be able to create Canvas ads, this is what you ideally need to do:

a) You will have to click on ‘Publishing Tools’ on your FB page.

b) Click Canvas

c) Start creating an imaginative canvas ad for your audiences

The Canvas theme itself is not on Ads Manager.

Once the Canvas is created, you will be provided with a unique link. You will have to copy the link in order to get access to the Ads manager.

Once you reach Ads manager, these are the fleet of steps, you will have to follow:
Create or Edit Clicks to the website

In the ‘Enter URL to promote’ field, copy the Canvas URL

Now, you have created a Canvas Ad, all of your own.


Dynamic Ads depicted by Facebook are based out of consumer behaviour pattern. You can target different ads for different groups of people. Say a web user is fascinated with handbags, you can capture the web user’s IP address. The moment she logs in, you can display handbags of different shades or colours. The sale orders can be an instant hit.

Once consumers have finished logging into your site, you show them the same range of ads via Facebook too. You can remind them of their cart items so that they don’t tend to miss out. Also after product purchases are done, you can inform them of your latest arrivals, better discounts and so on. Dynamic ads, therefore, target on the personalized interests of web consumers and thereby cater to them.


Companies promote their products with tags attached to them. That means these are branded content ads with sponsored mentions. You as the e-shop owner liaise with another brand to sell products. The main firm is promoting its range of products or services to the masses. While you complement adding your own products to the list too. The Sponsored or tag ads are beneficial to you and the other brand as well. In order to create sponsor mention or tag-line ads, these are the steps involved

a) You will have to go to your page.

b) Do not get to the Ads manager snippet

c) Look for the hand-shake

The dual sponsorship aids partner brands promote their range of products simultaneously.


These are the various types of Facebook Ads you can choose from. Based on the demography, nature of audiences and their inherent characteristics you can choose the right one. One type of ad appealing to a group of the audience may not gel well with another group. So, you need to do your research before you launch a series of ads via Facebook.