The digital trends keep evolving with every passing year, and the year 2019 has seen a dramatic shift in the digital marketing landscape. Marketers need to be aware of the changes as it helps them to adapt to emerging technologies with ease and stay ahead of their competitors.

There can be times when you have just dismissed the use of artificial intelligence with a smile or might have sidelined the use of visual search. But, these are the new trends that are evolving in the present high tech era. If you are an agency or a business that wants to gain a competitive edge, generate leads and improve the existing relationship with your clients or customers, you certainly need to know the changing digital marketing trends in the year 2019.

Listed below are the top digital marketing trends of 2019, which can be used to improve the marketing strategies and attain the expected outcome.



Well, we all understand that search engine optimization is similar to testing. Split testing allows users to isolate those variables that are improving traffic. Such data can be used to create a marketing strategy with a targeted approach.

Users can also use platforms to know the pages that have a good impression count but a low CTR rate. This can be improved to increase the clicks as well as the traffic.

SEO split testing brings the best out of your SEO campaigns and gives you an understanding of the variables you need to work on to see excellent results.


We often hear people saying that AI will take over the world, or it might at least take over some simpler jobs. Artificial intelligence is used in online marketing to understand the behavior of the consumer and to analyze their search patterns.

Social media platforms, e-commerce stores, and blogs help businesses in understanding how consumers find the products online. Facebook messenger uses AI chatbots that can be used to enhance customer support. Chatbots can also be used to get information about consumer behavior by getting to a conversation with them. As per research, more than 25% of businesses will use chatbots by the year 2020.

Businesses that adapt to AI will not only save costs but will witness the growth and stay ahead of their competitors.


With the help of programmatic advertising, businesses can make use of artificial intelligence to automate the process of ad buying. This way the user gets to focus on the specific audiences more. For example, real-time auctions are a type of programmatic advertising. The automatic advertising is not only fast but is efficient. It increases the conversion ratio and also reduces the acquisition costs.


Businesses that want to stand out in the year 2019 need to personalize their marketing. By this, we mean personalized emails, content, services, and products.

Marketers now have the availability of consumer data like their purchase history, their behavior, the links they clicked, and more. Hence, creating personalized content is now easy, and many use it to advance their relationship with the customer.

For example, e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart are already seeing immense growth, thanks to the power of personalization. Once a user logs in to a Netflix account, the content shown is all personalized. This minimizes the search time of the user, and the business implementing it reaps the benefits.


Influencer marketing is on the rise these days. It is a simple method of “word of mouth” marketing that makes use of key leaders from the industry to drive the message of a brand to the target audience.

Instead of marketing to the consumers directly, businesses can now pay influencers to review a product or get the word about your services to a large group of audience.

To use influencers to market a product or a service is useful as it helps attract customers. The influencers can be anyone, like celebrities or YouTube or Instagram stars, or bloggers who have a large following and can spread the word about your brand via their social media channels.

Influencer marketing works as customers trust the opinions of a consumer over the statement or ads of corporate.


The visual search takes the experience of the user to a very new level. Users can upload an image to search for the product and get the needed results in no time. Platforms like Pinterest and Google now use Lens, which is a new search tool that can be used via a photo of an item. The results show where the item can be purchased, or links of similar items. Marketers can make use of visual search to attract customers and provide them with the perfect product.


Do you know that on average, people spend more than 3 hours on their smartphones every day and this is increasing with every passing day? Mobile devices are the medium that gets the most minutes and is soon to surpass television.

Mirco moments as per Google is an all “new consumer behavior” that can be used to deliver the message of your brand clearly so that it creates interest in the consumer – just within a few seconds.

People often make a decision instantly like where and what to eat, what and where to purchase or where they can go for their next holiday and need the information on their fingertips. So, agencies need to create their marketing strategies accordingly.


We often come across brand stories on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This is a trend that is gaining popularity and is used by bloggers, brands as well as digital marketing agencies. Users can make use of live video to increase their brand awareness and engagement.

These stories do disappear after a specific time, and this can be used as an opportunity by marketers to feature the making of your product or ask for reviews or just get creative with an innovative idea.


The year 2019 will see better customer experiences – enhanced by automation and artificial intelligence. So, stay up to date and ahead of the curve. Make sure you create personalized audio as well as video content that can be shared to attract your target audience.