Top 10 open source CMS – for any business to have consistent content marketing, it is important to have a CMS system that can be used by everyone. Gone are the days when developers write HTML by hand and with the dynamic websites having a number of pages. Developers these days use CMS as it saves time and also streamlines the work that is involved.

If you are using the right CMS, all it takes is a few seconds to bring all your ideas to life. By using a CMS you can make quick changes to the look or feel of your website without changing the code on the page. CMS also allows you to stay current with the latest design trends.


So, did you ever wonder what the top 10 open source CMS 2018 is? Let’s consider some options.


If you are looking for an open source CMS that is widely used globally for creating websites like BBC, While House or NBC, it is time you consider Drupal. It is said to be the very first CMS that has utilized concepts that help in extending the functionality of the website.

Drupal also has a wide range of features and is quite flexible when compared to the others. But it is not used much by the developers due to the opaque UI and the complexity.


Weebly though is a popular CMS that is widely used by marketing companies, it is not the very first drag and drop CMS that has full features. But, Weebly is considered to be the best when you have to design an online store.

Weebly also comes with a good number of beautiful themes, all of which are responsive and come with intuitive controls. Though it comes with built-in analytics, the CMS does lack the needed depth in a few of the competitors.


Magento is a CMS that mainly focuses on e-commerce designing. It has gained immense popularity after its regular updates and offers robust security in the space of CMS. It is not only powerful but is also easy to use and this is what makes it appropriate to use by marketing organization as well as the clients.

Magento is an ideal platform for those companies that use eBay as the foundation of their online selling strategy. Some of the built-in features are marketing promotion, tools for customer service and for reporting. If you are looking for an independent platform for e-commerce websites, Magento is the one to choose.


Joomla is a free and an open source CMS that is often mistaken by many was WordPress. It comes included with a good number of feature extensions, free and premium templates and also includes a development community.

What sets Joomla apart from the others is the security features it has and that it is quite easy to use and edit. Developers can make use of Joomla to customize the experience of the user and can also integrate it into already existing platforms without any hassles.


Not many might have heard about Squarespace that has carved a niche for itself in the industry. Thanks to the drag and drop interface the CMS has, it has in no time become the favorite of DIY web designers who love to work on CMS that is easy and highly customizable. Squarespace also has its own strengths, especially in the marketing perspective where its analytics get ready the moment the website gets live.

It also comes with an SEO and also a “customer relationship management” toolkit that is unique and varied when compared to its competitors. The features like calendars or maps also make it ideal for local business websites.


Acquia is a CMS platform that is designed specially designed for content and e-commerce. The CMS also offers a “cloud-based platform” where you can build and customize a whole digital experience for all your clients. The platform makes use of “Platform as a Service” and not SaaS.


vBulletin that was initially used as a forum platform has emerged in the past few years. The platform has now been developed into a full-fledged CMS platform that is used by developers worldwide. The platform is quite secure and the team that developed the same comes with an experience of more than a decade.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that focuses more on freelancers and small businesses. The platform also provides effective solutions for businesses of corporate size, most of which are in need of reliable services.

Shopify has been around for quite some years now and is also known as one of the best e-commerce CMS platforms. The platform works perfectly with almost any device and is ideal for those who do not have a budget to shell out.


One of the most popular CMS platforms that have evolved greatly with each passing year is Blogger. A number of developers use the platform as a content management system and more. Blogger websites can now be styled in a number of ways, thanks to the flexibility the platform now offers. This means that people who are looking forward to developing creative website have more room nowadays for developing a CMS that perfectly suits their needs.

Blogger, a part of Google and it offers a wide range of features like custom styles and domains to name a few.


WordPress is a household name when it comes to content management systems. Websites of different sizes rely completely on WordPress and use it to organize, manage and to publish a wide variety of content. WordPress as a CMS is not only easy to use but is also quite easy to learn. This flexibility of the CMS is the reason why it is used by both beginners as well as experienced users.

WordPress as a CMS comes with more than 40,000+ free plugins that are always available for download from the official website. Also, the database includes more than 2000+ freestyles/themes developers can choose from.

The websites created by WordPress are functional as well as pleasant when browsing. The platform is secure and is reliable and can be used to create any kind of a website of any context.

The above-mentioned are the top 10 open source CMS of 2018. An ideal content management system needs to save time and has to include a wide range of features, using which you will make the most of the innovative ideas.

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