There can be confusion/ communication gap regarding anything, but there won’t be one shred of doubt over our intentions and honesty.

More than anything we believe in Gentleman’s Honor and the value of our Words and Promises.

    1. Frontend of the project is very subjective in nature. Yo Creativ shall make full sincere and honest efforts in providing the right frontend as per the specifications asked by client. However, in case the client does not like the same, he is free to procure the designs of the frontend themselves or guide us accordingly.
    2. The backend, the functionalities or the flow diagrams are to be provided by the client in advance and also clarify on the points raised by Yo Creativ. The requirements shall be freeze before proceeding ahead with the project.
    3. Yo Creativ initiates work on the project only after receipt of advance payments. The remaining balance is requested only after the completion of the project. If the project is big, the payment process may be divided in phases and the same will be communicated on mail properly.
    4. The website will be made live on Yo Creativ’s hosting only. After all the payment has been cleared, all the files and documents will be transferred to the client.
    5. The cost for domain, hosting, annual maintenance or any other services are separate and charged over and above the website development fees.
    6. Changes separate from mutually agreed will be charged extra and above the project cost. It is the goodwill and decision of Yo Creativ to decide on the amount of charge to levy for the extra work. The extra charge is added to the project charges and to be cleared at the time of handover.
    7. Project completion and delivery may be due to any of the below factor:
      • Delay in payments from client.
      • New changes or alterations are asked by client.
      • Delay in any information, document or any guideline from client.
      • Delayed decision from client.
      • Inherent technological challenges which we face in the work, which shall be communicated well in advance.

We honor the word given to clients and honor them.

  1. We provide 15 days of free service and changes in frontend. After 15 days of completion of project, no additional work will be done and any work will be charged extra. Minor changes in backend will be entertained while major changes will be charged separate. It is purely the discretion and goodwill of Yo Creativ to accommodate the client in changes in backend and functionalities.
  2. Once advance for the project is deposited and the project is initiated, it is purely the discretion of Yo Creativ to refund the money, should the client ask for it. In any case, there will be absolutely no deliverables of any kind for the project of any kind. The proprietorship of the work done so far lies with Yo Creativ.
  3. It is the responsibility of the client and not Yo Creativ to ensure the credibility and legal usage of content and information that goes on the website. At no stage, shall Yo Creativ hold responsibility of any kind for the information displayed on the website.
  4. The website designed shall have the name of Yo Creativ in footer as a mark of our efforts.
  5. Providing third party inputs to Yo Creativ for any work is the responsibility of the client.
  6. Mobile responsive is subjective in nature. The final decision on the responsiveness lies with YoCreativ. We shall always keep the satisfaction of the client in mind.
  7. We assure you 100% satisfaction within the framework of the agreement as per mutual understanding.