Technical SEO Services in Gurgaon

An SEO content creator's job isn't limited to International, national,or Local SEO. Technical SEO is by far the most important part of creating a good SEO or website. If you want a good technical SEO then you can surely opt for the technical SEO services of YoCreativ. One of the most proficient and best tech SEO agencies in Gurgaon, it will help you create on-page SEO for your site that will obtain higher rank and organic traffic and enhance your business growth.

What is technical SEO and Why is it Important?

Technical SEO, a type of on-page SEO is the process of securing that your website is free of any elements that disrupt site navigation or fast loading. Google search engine robots evaluate search engines by crawling. Technical SEO manages to remove technical issues so that the engines can crawl freely and understand the content. Technical SEO is very important it makes certain your website is easily navigable and the keywords are understood by the search engines. This will help your website to rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) and gain organic traffic who might be potential customers of your business

Technical SEO services provided by YoCreativ

Technical SEO is a very important process for your website to work efficiently and therefore you select the best SEO agency in Gurgaon. Here are some of the technical services by YoCreativ listed below:

  • The SEO team in YoCreativ will create SSL for your site. According to Google, the sites with SSL, that is a website URL beginning with 'HTTPS://' will be secured. Almost every website URL begins with an SSL. This is a technology that will create a link between a web server and the browser. They provide you with an appropriate URL that matches the content.

  • They will check the speed of your site. A slow-loading site will not gain many ranks and eventually create no organic traffic for you. You require a fast-loading site. YoCreativ's team will help your site speed up by using DNS (Domain name system) provider. They will also minimize Html, Java, and HTTPS requests that slow down your site. They will reduce your webpage size by compressing them and getting rid of unwanted spaces in your site's code. Pictures and picture sizes can also be reduced.

  • The team will make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Almost everyone uses mobile phones to search for businesses, and you may lose a lot of potential customers if your site is unresponsive on a mobile. The more responsive a site is the higher will be its ranking. With the introduction of Google's 'mobile-first’ approach, the site must be accessible on mobile. If it's not accessible, YoCreativ will make certain to make the site mobile-friendly.

  • Sometimes your content or article lacks the appropriate amount of keywords or uses too many keywords in them. It is essential to maintain a certain percentage of keywords to be used. YoCreativ professionals will confirm that you have used the right amount of keywords in your article. If not, then they will stuff or deduct them. Your article title should have at least one keyword.

  • You must use structured data for your title which should match the URL. If not then the YoCreativ SEO team will make sure that your title data is structured. This will help the search engines easily grasp the content of the article under it.

  • You must make sure that headings or titles are written in a way that fits the content under them. It should be strictly related to the article so that the users may find content relevant to the title and their needs. The SEO team of YoCreativ will make certain of that.

Thus, Technical SEO is quite complicated and an important part to set up a good website. For those who want a good technical SEO, YoCreativ SEO Company in Gurgaon is the best.