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Starting up is a crusade and it all starts with an idea which can come from absolutely anywhere. When an entrepreneur gives shape and objectivity to the idea it becomes a start up. We all know the saying “Nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come”. The success of your start up depends upon the idea but its meet with the destiny depends on how well it is presented. Branding gives you that edge towards success. It is just like wearing the right dress for a prom, wedding or even a business meet. Your aesthetics and communication makes the difference. The same goes with start ups and that’s where branding comes in picture. Branding of any start up depends upon the sector your business is in and the values it promises. Before proceeding further into branding let’s take a brief understanding of general categorization of start-ups. Basically starts up can be broadly classified into three categories.

New value Start ups

A start up concept that creates a completely new value falls under this category. The value may be clearly visible or may not have been in the first place but is brought out as a good value delivery. The old problem is answered in a form that wasn’t in existence before evolution of this start-up. The source of such start-up can be technical advancement or even research. Ex. can include the electric powered automobiles making their way in market to address our dependability on non renewable form of energy or the self driven cars to reduce accidental chances and promote safe travel.

Improvement Start ups

This is the type of start up that brings about a change in the existing form of idea by creating additional benefit with a new strategy. This is not so easy space to succeed. A start up providing something that hasn’t been available up till now that consumers want. It can bring changes in parameters like pricing or availability. Here we will like to pitch Yo Creativ which is a fairly new web development and digital marketing agency in Gurgaon and Delhi. Yo Creativ helps start-ups to digitally market themselves and also provides technical services in website and App development. Both these services require content creation in one for or another for which it has in house content creation team that make graphics, write blogs and are the backbone of the whole execution. The aim of Yo Creativ is to provide transparent web development and digital marketing services.

Emotional re calibrator

These types of start ups build up on a very distinctive point by acting upon emotional disruptive value point. The idea is formed by understanding the psycho graphics of your audience and redefines the emotional benefits. Social media start ups fall in this category where the whole sense of belonging is changed. The objective of this classification is to help you in identifying the strategy that you are using to enter the market. You must know the type of value, change, improvement or emotional re-calibrator that you want to deliver, to develop branding strategy for your start up and particularly the communication part.

Why branding is important for your start up?

A brand is basically a promise you make to the user. This delivery of promise and ensuring positioning of the brand accordingly is what is called as branding.  This promise gets communicated through visual means and actions. For ex a toothpaste brand promises user to provide a good quality tooth paste with particular benefits. The promise is communicated in a subtle way through the use of color, fonts, images, music etc. The sum total of a product’s intangible attributes, it includes everything from its logo, name, and packaging to the value that it inflicts. Product design, taglines, quality and service; everything is part of branding. Your brand defines your vision. Now the most important question is why would you pay heed to branding your start up? Here are some reasons that will make you think twice about your branding decisions-

Most important element of marketing

Branding is a central element of marketing because you don’t sell a product, you sell a story. Stories have images with colors and fonts with styles and background music which comes under the domain of branding. A story told on TV or website has a better impact than the one heard on radio. The difference is because of branding. You may also replace radio with a black & white TV.

First Impression

Since you are new to the market and there are myriad competitors already in there, it is very important to make an exemplary first impact. First impression lasts and can be a make or break kind. Branding gets you the first impression and generates curiosity in your target audience. It also reflects your vision and the need that you are catering.

Visual identity

A well branded product it will be easy to capture the mind of audience. Its name, logo, tagline, theme and everything should be in synchronization with the value that your product is delivering so as you create a strong visual identity. Anyone seeing a bit of red spread over a large portion of yellow can associate it with McDonald’s as the brand has consistently used it. A tick connects you with Nike and so on.

Substance to idea

It is important to have a good idea but what matters most in a competitive world is how you market the idea. Branding provides seriousness to the idea to make it commercially attractive for both investors and users. A tag line of “Just do it” or a mission statement of Google “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” adds substance to their domain. Differentiation There is a heap of ideas in the market; your brand is what differentiates your product from others. It is what you are able to deliver before and beyond your competitor and how you are able meet your customers’ expectation. Just like the wonder a good dress does for you in an event. Brand speaks about your vision. Your brand is your representative and packaging and designing of your product is the silent ambassador of your idea. Branding should aim at making consumers experience memorable with your brand. Starting from knowing your audience, giving physical shape and visual identity to your idea is path way of branding your start up. You sell a story not a product. It’s all about how skilfully are you able to create an impression about the idea that you are selling.

Yo Creativ

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