Did you know social media bring in nearly 50% of the traffic in average for a website? According to Hubspot, 80% of the marketers claimed that Social media marketing increased traffic to their website. Social media is indeed a powerful tool for any website to double their traffic base. Undoubtedly, a business needs a specific number of customers’ in-order to survive in the market. Social media will definitely provide you the leads and then it is your job to convert them as your customers. Social media can be a game changer but to use to our advantage, we have to use a definite strategy.

Visual matters

TImages has the potential to get more engagement. Three of the newest social media platform Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are based fully on images. So why not use this image to turn the odds in our favor? Yocreativ uses a lot of info-graphics to deliver their content and hence attracts user’s attraction.

Spend time in choosing the title

The fact ‘First impression is the Best impression’ is absolutely true when it comes to Social Media Marketing. The title of your content is what that forms this first impression in your reader. The content creation team in Yocreativ spends nearly as much time in choosing the title as it would take to create the entire article.

Understanding social media

Every social media platform exist to serve different purpose. Relating Quora, Facebook, YouTube as a whole entity will cost you more than you can imagine. Each post/article has to be framed with respect to the social media it has to be posted on.

Post at the Right Time

It may seem as a mere common sense, but even many social media marketing specialists overlook this simple concept. It is always advisable to post in the social media at the right time to obtain the maximum benefit. For example a post related to ‘How to crack an exam’ should be posted when the exam is nearing or when the exam dates are announced.

So now it is you who have to decide. Do you want to generate traffic for your website? Do you want to get leads for your business? It is time to hire a professional social media marketing specialist like Yocreativ for your all your needs.


The key to engage a user is to write and construct better content each passing day. At least for us it is, and it has worked for us till now and we are pretty much sure it will work for the rest of the infinity social media life as well.

The only goal to have a social media presence is to attract loads of customers busy sending requests and following each other, completely oblivious of your product. Our reach and campaigns help you to tap the 70% of the internet crowd that is on social media websites.

A repeated post is how a customer turns his back on the product. Keeping the audience engaged and looking for more, we type different varieties for your content with same or additional information to hook a customer.

When it comes to the surface web, everyone can afford being a little typical and aged, not on social media. A dull and mundane post is how you show the exit door to your audience. Our professionals punch keys and think better ways to create a post that is attractive and pleasing to young eyes.

Everyone knows that the fastest way of building a brand, getting the word of mouth going, advertising and marketing your business is putting it on social media. We take that job and do it for you. Your better, popular and well reviewed business is awaiting.

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