Social media marketing myths – with the world on Social […]

Social media marketing myths – with the world on Social Media, opportunities have become infinite for any business as they realize they have to be directly amidst the masses. A ready-made audience waiting to discover you!. Riding on it one can rise all the way up to become a president and with the right following, a celebrity in their own right. But social media is a two-faced sword and a small mistake can cost you so much that you might be forced to delete your account.

Today we will be refuting such misconceptions prevalent about Social Media marketing that might be hindering your growth.

1. When the Search engine is your friend then why invest in social media marketing?

Ever felt guilty of ordering a beautiful dress because it appeared in your Facebook news feed?

Search engine gets users who need you but social media is the place where you get their attention. They might not even be your potential clients at first but effective marketing can turn them into one. The potential customers will be proactively looking out for you and you need to rank high on the search engine for that. But if you are looking to expand your customer base or even build your brand, social media is the right place to start with.

Say loudly “The world is on social media and this where I should be to make my business revenues soar high”.

2. Sharing old post is okay staying relevant is more important.

Listening to your favorite song repeatedly feels good but reading the same article or checking the same posts again and written by someone else can be really frustrating. Sharing your posts again to save time can be a grave mistake.

Content makes you stay relevant not the frequency. Don’t think that people forget the old posts. Subconsciously people know that they have seen this somewhere and add Déjà vu to it and everything becomes messier. Your followers might get bored of seeing your old posts being shared frequently and choose to unfollow you. Ouch!

3. My targeted Customers are not on Social Media.

A so-called perfect business is the one that considers everyone as targeted customers. According to stats, Facebook has 1billion people, Quora has 100million users. So summing up all the counts of people in different social media it would tally to nearly 3 billion people which can also be quoted in other words as half the world. Hence using social media gives access to tap these 3billion people to become one of your customers. It sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

4. Negative comments will lead to Bad Marketing

Not true! No one ever succeeded without facing questions or obstacles. See them as a review or even advice rather than criticism. The concept of criticism can sound scary but it is quite beneficial in reality. No business or individual can guarantee zero error and expecting the same is ridiculous. To err is human but to accept digitally is the right way.

It also allows you to have direct touch with customers providing three benefits:

(A). You will know your shortcomings and grey areas requiring urgent attention. In long term, this will strengthen your business by improving the overall quality. You don’t need expensive customer surveys to know about your brand reputation spending time, effort and energy.

(B). By apologizing to the customers you send the message that you care for them. This builds rapport with a wide customer base.

(C). A negative comment might also make you aware of future business possibilities and customer requirements. You get to know what people want.

Pizza delivery company through negative comments about how distasteful a cold pizza feels witnessed it’s Eureka moment. A smart strategy of “either delivery within thirty minutes or free” was formulated and the rest is history!

5. The high number of followers equals Positive publicity.

The devil of social media does not lie in numbers of followers but the loyalty of their followership. We get a lot of requests from celebrities and especially affluent people to increase the followers overnight. They feel embarrassed about seeing low follower numbers and always want to maintain the glamorous picture.

Getting the numbers inorganically will never pay and may even go against you if they start responding rudely. Of all things, you should not pay to get followers as a million followers for as low as INR 5000 is not worth it. A large number of followers will not contribute to your status and most probably won’t even prefer seeing your posts, let alone share it. Build faithful followers even if it takes starting from a small base, ones who engage enthusiastically.

Loyal followers even contribute to mouth publicity.

6. Social Media is just for getting your business discovered. Established business doesn’t require this.

You can’t be more wrong. Social media is an effective tool to build customer relations, brand building, new plan announcement, addressing misconceptions and many more. It’s a two-way communication platform on a massive scale. Big or small, every business needs an effective social media strategy.

7. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube are all the same

No. Every Social Media platform has a specific audience and pushes a particular type of content. For Business, to the business model, LinkedIn will be more beneficial. For creative arts company youtube, Pinterest will be after. For personal or Business to customers, Facebook will top the charts.

8. Social Media is only for youngsters

This is the most comical myth that one could hold. Social media is always related to young people but this isn’t the real picture. When we look into the stats

  • 40% of Facebook’s users are over the age of 35.
  • 52% of 55-64-year-old internet users have joined a social network.
  • 93% of U.S. adult internet users are on Facebook.

9. You need to be on every Social Media Platform to gain maximum Traffic

Although, being on multiple platforms may look to be the right choice but it will eventually lead to a waste of your time and resources. Good understanding of your target audience, their choice of platforms will give you the right idea of platforms to target. You can then create specific communications and deliver.

10. Social Media works alone.

Never ever misinterpret social media marketing as an independent strategy. It actually depends on the number of other stuff including other digital marketing strategies to be of optimum. Even your offline store/offline marketing plays a vital role to consider the success streak of your social media marketing strategy. Social media is just a part of the entire process. Make sure everything in line so that that the business can fly high.

11. Social media has a younger generation and your business won’t be taken seriously.

Everyone is on social media irrespective of their age. A son sees his parents on Facebook and posts WTF. His father asks what it means and he says, Welcomes to Facebook.

Well, Welcome to Facebook.

People from all walks of life with diverse interests and age groups are active daily on social media and it is not confined to just a few. Facebook alone has a user base of 1.23 billion active users, Twitter has 328 Million active users. Crowdsourcing can’t get better than this.

12. Why hire experts when Social Media is free.

While creating the account on social media may be for free but keeping managing and building a follower base with quality content requires experts. Celebrities and brands hire social media experts to maintain their accounts.

You really need to be someone like Donald Trump to handle your social media account yourself.

He too manages one account and does not post the same on every platform. Finally, there is already a lot of competition and you would not want to lag behind.

13. Social Media Marketing is a free Marketing Technique

Yes, social media is free to join, you can create the necessary posts without paying anything but considering it as a free element will always make you undervalue it. On the other hand, consider it as an investment since in reality too you are bound to make a small investment in the back way to bring your social media marketing strategy a success.

14. More the hash tags higher the chances of being discovered.

Overdoing anything kills the fun. Useless large numbers of hashtags make you appear naive and annoy your customers. Keep them concise and accurate. 2-3 hashtags are more than enough. Research shows that your chances of getting found reduce sharply if you increase the number of Hashtags.

We hope, that we have cleared some of the social media marketing myths and any doubt still remaining, please comment below to discuss this. If by chance we might have added to the myths, do let us know and we’ll rectify.

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