• To increase business. And first step is to increase leads and awareness in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR

  • Later, increasing sales from their all FOUR centres, and online product-range


  • • How to promote a brand from Kerala and in Ayurveda in Gurgaon and Delhi- NCR
  • • How to attract local audience
  • • How to increase sales in all FOUR centres
  • • As so many ayurveda products from various brands are there in the market. How to sell online product of Shadanga
  • • How to increase their business of training/ courses
  • • How a common website can meet all the above requirement


  • → Local GMB focus
  • → Conversion focus
  • → Genuine review and content
  • → Authentic content and realistic banner and images
  • → PR work
  • → Technology changes of website, as per the business
  • → Social media - high-quality related content
  • → Paid Promotion Over Facebook and Instagram
  • → Organized events

Once YoCreative checked down what the primary goals were, a complete movement strategy was created.
The following topics included the bottom of the strategy:


Keep the content genuinity focusing the customer’s usefulness. It has really gave us edge in the market. As the client business grew in last five years, a need of new technology for the website arises. We successfully move the website from wordpress to shopify, which had further given advantage the shadanga’s Ecommerce business.

    Few basis steps we follows:

    • → No tech issues

    • → No tech issues

    • → We ensure daily genuine leads flow.

    • → Ensure right communication on social media

    • 1. Website Speed Optimization
    • 2. Mobile view Optimization
    • 3. Schema Markup Implementation
    • 4. On-Page Activities ( Optimize meta tags, headers, and URLs with relevant keywords )
    • 5. Regular website Audit - Fix all technical issues such as broken links, crawl errors, and duplicate content.
    • 6. Content Optimization
    • 7. Fix the URL Structure
    • 8. complete proper Internal Linking of all service pages and blogs
    • 9. Image Optimization ( Fix All nacked Link with text path )

    Technical SEO refers to the optimization of a website's technical elements to improve its search engine visibility and ranking. Unlike traditional SEO, which primarily focuses on website speed and mobile-friendliness, SSL/HTTPS Implementation, technical SEO exchanges with the infrastructure and functionality of a website.


    On-page SEO directs to the optimization of individual web pages to improve their search engine rankings and attract organic traffic. On-page SEO focuses on optimizing elements directly within the webpage itself, Header Tags (H1, H2, etc.), Internal Linking, URL Structure, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions and High-Quality Content.


    Off-page SEO guides to the actions taken outside of a website to improve its search engine rankings and increase its visibility on the web. Off-page SEO involves activities that occur off the website but still impact its search engine rankings. These activities primarily revolve around building the website's authority, relevance, Link Building, Backlinking and reliability in the looks of search engines.

    Organic Result ( SEO )

    Shadanga Ayurveda is where you meet ancient Ayurveda. Our journey began in 2017 for Ayurveda, the eternal science of life that has enhanced life for thousands of years, were are committed to spreading the holistic wisdom of Ayurveda to help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being. Our mission is to empower people to lead and balance their thoughts and know about Ayurvedic Medical Science. We are also joined by Dr. Archana Linto, BAMS DPM, and Dr. Linto Jacob – BAMS, DPM, PGDM.

    Shadanga Ayurveda was born out of a deep-rooted belief in its transformative power and the desire to create platforms and centres where we offer Ayurvedic knowledge and remedies to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our products and services reflect the essence of Ayurvedic learning and deliver real customer benefits. YoCreativ has been helping us with this.

    Organic social traffic

    Increased By 131%

    Referral traffic

    921% within 6 months

    Organic Form submitted through website

    1626% within 6 months.

    Started With us With 1 Branch Now It has 3 branches now

    From 1 segment (Treatment) of business to 3 segments (Treament, traning, product)