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No business can think of surviving in today’s market without […]

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No business can think of surviving in today’s market without an effective digital marketing strategy. Consumers are used to the instant access they have to information through a simple Google search. They find all the information they want in the first few links displayed.

If your business isn’t up there, or even on the first search result page, then your chances of profit are low. If you can’t effectively advertise your content either, you can forget about attracting an online audience.

The two dominantly used tools in digital marketing are :

SEO and PPC Both differ significantly in the way they impact the traffic online. Choosing one between the two can be a difficult choice. Here is where availing the best digital marketing services in Gurgaon helps.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves the effective use of content to organically improve the overall ranking of your website on a search engine. It is about running content campaigns that are composed of certain factors like keyword research, link building, article ideation, etc.

Publishing a blog or article online without SEO is useless. You won’t be able to make a mark on the search engine results, thus, lower customers.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a marketing model that involves advertisers paying a fee every time their ad is clicked on the website. In other words, it is like purchasing traffic to your website.

The most popular PPC method used is search engine advertising. In this method, ad placements in any search engine’s sponsored links are auctioned off to advertisers.
Every time an ad link is clicked, a small fee has to be paid to the search engine. If done effectively, this fee can be even smaller. To implement and affect PPC strategy you can avail PPC services in Gurgaon.

Point-wise difference between SEO and PPC

1. Cost

The most important component businesses have to worry about is cost and how to reduce it. Along with a high-quality website you need to utilize a powerful and cost-effective tool. The traffic gained from SEO is more or less free compared to PPC, which requires payment.

However, both require a tremendous amount of time and effort to carry out. For SEO, if you aren’t an expert, you will have to avail third-party SEO services to implement for you. Without an expert, you will not be able to formulate an effective SEO strategy to rank high. Compared to PPC, this is less costly. Most startups don’t have the resources for PPC and hence choose SEO.

For PPC, costs are more direct and dependent on several factors. In PPC you only pay for the clicks on your ads and not the views. Here you can also determine a budget beforehand and estimate the average cost per click based on your target keywords.

2. Traffic drew

Both differ in the type and amount of traffic they draw in. SEO traffic is more organic i.e. visitors coming to your page from unpaid search results. This traffic is significantly higher than PPC traffic. This continuous flow of organic traffic will only come in if you rank on the top five positions though.

Numerous SEO services in Gurgaon can help you with this. Though more clicks mean more revenue, PPC traffic is more costly. Paid ads make your business more visible and attract new consumers, but the cost increases. However, Google has said that companies with a smart and high-yielding PPC strategy will be charged less.

3. Search results position

The effectiveness of SEO depends on the position your website ranks on in the search results page. This determines the amount of organic traffic you will attract. The more optimized your website is to satisfy the needs of the users, the higher up a search engine will place your website.

PPC is not dependent on the ranking of your website on the search results page. Through this method, you can buy a high-rank position on the results page with a higher cost per click. The higher up the rank, the more visible your website is to consumers.

4. Conversion rate

Conversion refers to the number of visitors who make a purchase, use a call to action or sign up for a newsletter on the website. Though the traffic brought in by SEO is better, the conversion rates are low. Any SEO company in Gurgaon can help you improve this though.
PPC ads tend to be more targeted and optimized according to the wants of the consumers. A successfully executed PPC campaign will result in more than a 90% conversion rate. Optimized keywords do generate more conversion but also cost more.

5. Easier implementation

Both SEO and PPC require intensive experience and knowledge to get impactful results. The process of SEO takes a long time to implement, sometimes months or years. It could be that your specific keywords don’t rank at all.

With PPC it is better to hire an expert instead of taking matters into your own hands. Trying to implement a PPC strategy with no knowledge of experience usually results in the loss of major bucks.

Yes, both function differently and are equally difficult to implement. If you want to learn about them yourself, there are several courses available.

6. Stability

When it comes to stability, SEO tends to be more fickle than PPC. Unless your website is on the top ranks of the search engine, the benefits are relatively low. There is a constant need to make sure your website is up to the mark and better optimized than others.

PPC isn’t as affected by the change. Even if there are any changes, these have a low impact on the strategy and can be easily managed. It even has a higher ROI.

Each strategy has its benefits, but that doesn’t mean that you have to choose one. Most professionals recommend utilizing both strategies for your digital marketing campaign. Every digital marketing company in Gurgaon recommends choosing a plan that suits the needs of your company and your resources.

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