Belief and Reality have become an entirely different entity in today’s world. What we think we know and what we actually know, are way different from each other. And that’s exactly the case with SEO techniques. The question that persists is Do everyone who claims to be an ‘SEO techniques Expert’, really know the business as they claim. In today’s scenario, the online marketplace contains a plethora of information and still, people are worried about what to trust and what to implement.

Preferably, it is smart brains to experiment what you read before actually applying it on your site.

Here, we share with you some of the Most Effective SEO Techniques that will help you in improving your organic search results. Anyone, from startups to well established MNCs can use these techniques to improve their SEO rankings and can also further increase the same by hiring the Best SEO Company in India.

Link requests

The effectiveness of this SEO technique would vary from business to business. Here, you try to find out who is mentioning about you, your business, your products, your services, and even your content without mentioning your brand name or adding a link to your site. And once you have a list of such people, reach out to them and request them to mention your website’s link on their posts. This technique can be highly effective if you are an already established brand, as it will land you thousands of new links and that too with little efforts.

Community Contacts

The results of this technique would be of varying degree, but at any cost, it would finally end up being a beneficial part of your business.

Here, you should find out online communities that would contain people who could be your target audience. By finding so you can start building relationships with them and eventually have them promote your brand, products or services or even your content.

Insightful Guest Posts

Many sites incorporate the concept of guest posts to boost traffic from their sites; if these posts are created strictly on the basis of on-going trends it could dramatically increase the traffic hence would be beneficial in the longer run.

Such industry related publications will not only build your reputation within the industry but will also help in building relationships with your customers which can be utilized later to push new content on your site and bring in a good number of backlinks.

Buying out an existing website

This is perhaps the most underrated SEO technique today. It has been unfortunately and incorrectly accepted that acquiring an existing website will burn big holes in your pocket. But this doesn’t stand true. In fact, a strategic and rightly planned acquisition can result in one of the best investments. Such acquisitions can move the entire existing traffic of the acquired site into yours, all the links of the acquired site can be taken by you, it results in huge accumulation of content that belonged to the acquired site, the keyword rankings of the acquired site comes to you and you may even get access to their social media accounts and mailing list subscribers.

Finding Under-performing Content

 It’s true for every website, whether a startup or an established one – most of the organic traffic comes from only a few of the total content on the website. All you need to do is, find out the under-performing content on your site, especially that which ranks on the second or third page and optimize it to boost traffic.

Use these Highly Effective SEO Techniques now and also employ a Top SEO Company India, to boost your organic traffic.

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