• Online Marketing Is Crucial To Your Business.

    Visit any start up city like Bangalore, Mumbai or Gurgaon and you’ll […]

Visit any start up city like Bangalore, Mumbai or Gurgaon and you’ll see start up enthusiasts talking about their idea. They can be seen discussing how to “disrupt” the industry. Whether they can or not, only time will tell but most of them don’t take right marketing directions and have confused senses in many cases. On funding most of them resort to offline marketing to speed up customer acquisition. We are not going to debate online marketing vs. offline marketing because every style of approach with holds some favorable pros and unfavorable cons to its side. With offline marketing you will be able to capitalize a specific set of people very easily but the limitation is that you would be able to meet up only to that particular geographical location. Let’s say you place a bill board in your very locality and the total population of that locality is 1lakh. Being optimistic, considering every factor in your favor at-most (the maximum) views your advertisement would get is 1lakh. On the other hand Internet/digital marketing gives you the access to convert every one out there living as your audience. In-order to be concise one can say that if you are already holding a offline business then Internet marketing will increase your customer base. What’s the loss in spending a little amount of time and doing stuff that is going come back at you to provide it’s ripen fruit. Offline Marketing has its own niche segment and purpose that I have discussed in my earlier article. From my own start up experience that and new venture in nascent stage cannot afford to use it, no matter how well funded they are. To make the most out of the time and not the money they resort to offline marketing instead of leveraging more on digital marketing. For any business, marketing fulfills the purpose and legitimates its existence. Even Cinderella had to dress up and go for a ball to find the prince charming. Sitting in her room and brooding over her life and not doing anything would not have made such a wonderful story. You too need to go to your customers and talk about your business. Engage them in your idea and then you’ll find a happy success story. This is exactly what marketing does for you. So, you decide to step out of the box and make your place out there, but the question now is ‘how?’Are you going to choose any of the granny’s formula from good old days or get along in a pace with the trend? Let’s say that you feel ‘old is gold, but you don’t know that ‘new is bold!’. Creating that new for your business is the most crucial part and the major differentiation. Following what is trendy becomes very crucial to your whole plan and capitalizing on it becomes every marketers dream. Let’ take a hypothetical example You are the new marketing head of Parle-G, and you have to come up with something new and interesting. Will you choose to replicate a promotion by Britania that was in print media decades back and replace Gabbar with Varun Dhawan saying “Parle-G, Judwa ki asli pasand!”. As a marketing company you have to make lots of decisions on regular basis to get the best of every buck. Is this way going to fetch you consumers and reach out to your target masses? Is a bill board and newspaper marketing economical to running a facebook or instagram campaign and a coming up with a 30 sec video? Here is when you have to remember that “internet marketing is crucial to your business”. Internet marketing is a blend of tools such as social media marketing , search engine optimization , e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click and many other things. In short anything that requires internet comes under the umbrella of internet marketing. After that you need to realize how important it is to get out of the box to showcase yourself, you would then need to choose the right make up to put on and a right street in the town to flatter. Now if you were to again be asked to market Parle Company, would you not choose to make your own social media page and create posts and content that would give you brand visibility and better way to connect to your customer. Not only it provides a greater control over the communication messages and its features but also establishes a communication platform which was not feasible in offline marketing. For any business two way communications process holds dear to their core for obvious reasons. When someone looked at your newspaper add and wanted to tell you that they liked your biscuit and would want you to increase its quantity, would it have been possible? Have a look at a campaign by Parle – #Ye Bhi Nahi Pata #parle family. If you ask upright what Internet marketing will offer me? Here’s the answer. Internet marketing will help you with the following
  • It increases the visibility of your business.
  • It helps you to connect with your customers.
  • It gives you an upper hand among your competitors.
  • It makes your business legitimate.
  • It gives you a scope to know what the market needs.
Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell”- Seth Godin. It could never be far from truth as the stories have occupied the center stage as compared to the product itself. The more sentimental the story better is the connection with audience. The whole diamond industry got built on the stories and played with emotions of women who tend to be more emotional than men themselves. Understand the right audience for your business and connect with the right clan of consumers, build a healthy relationship and improvise. Internet marketing makes it easier for a business to analyse and research the consumer base, triggering the consumer choice and track the needed info to capture the market to take business to heights. Segmenting the customers and addressing them becomes heavy task in a business but with Internet marketing and its digital channels you can come up with customized offerings and helps in customer retention. Going ahead with internet marketing can get you carried away in the whole exercise since there is infinite content on the board and everything might appear to be made for you kind. Remember be selective of the digital marketing tools you use initially– be specific, simple, crisp and compact, to the point and hard hitting the trend. Marketing is all about strategy and shedding some effort and time. Many startups nowadays have considerable amount of time and are willing to put their effort but are lacking funds. Internet marketing will not empty your pockets but will provide you a huge reward for the time and effort you have invested. Most importantly, almost all the components of Internet marketing can be tracked, measured and analyzed. This allows you to get a quick way to determine what information interests the audience the most and can be served accordingly. Of all the things, step out of the box bold and confident.

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