Mobile marketing strategy – mobile has put power in hands […]

Mobile marketing strategy – mobile has put power in hands of each individual to access all that they need on the go. It has also put a lateral pressure on brands to be available on mobile. With more than 2 billion active Smartphone users this budding segment offers immense opportunities. No business can afford to ignore or undermine its power. Every successful brand has its own mobile application collecting customer data, enhancing and promoting the product, promoting the services and connecting customer with the brand.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Today we are going to enlist various reasons highlighting the needs of mobile application just in case you wanted some motivation:

1. Mobile era has arrived indeed

The craze towards android app is building due to it’s easy to use. The enormous success of social networking site Facebook, online merchant site like Amazon and Apple being one of the most valuable phone companies has indeed changed the whole scenario. Statistics show that among all those who use Facebook 47% use it via the Facebook app. This will make you sense the importance of having your own mobile app which would take you a step ahead in the game.

It might cause you a good amount of money for you to go mobile but it is worth the money.

2. Increase your website’s traffic

The 2016 survey from Stat counter showed that traffic from mobile and tablet devices combined account for nearly 51.2% of the total traffic experienced. That is nearly half the people in the world. Can you think of the possibilities that your mobile application can provide you? If your app is designed properly you can regulate and target traffic to your site from your app in addition to attracting more downloads. More downloads are a good indication of acceptability impacting sales lead tremendously.

3. Increase your business revenue

Apps are a great way to boost your business review significantly. If the app has a good amount of user base, it can start generating revenue for you through paid marketing or affiliated marketing while still delivering your value. Apps like WhatsApp get purchased for a heavy amount solely because of their usage. To be factual, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014.

4. Discover new business dimensions

Experimenting is the one factor that increases the craze behind a business. Creating a mobile application will introduce you to a newer perspective of your business. A mobile application will be helpful not only just in generating direct revenues but will also play a crucial role like in speedy engagement through announcements, feedback, and on the go service. An efficiently managed app opens a plethora of new dimensional aspects which will contain several innovations and improvisation. From resolving customer issues to fulfilling client requirements everything can be managed within an app which will eventually increase the credibility of your business.

5. Customer Feedback

It is always a best practice to be in touch with your customers and to get their feedback. Through app rating and reviews, you can be in direct touch with customers and know which segment needs improvement. Business is not about giving what you have whereas it is all about providing what your customer wants. You can identify the most profitable segments and regions, quality of service and customer satisfaction.

6. Higher engagement level

Since apps are designed to be much faster than the website they ensure customer a very seamless, smooth and quicker experience which encourages them to use the app more. It engages customers for longer a period which increases sales expectancy.

7. Your presence is felt

Have you ever noticed even though the nearby provisional store sells its product for a higher price we at times tend to buy some stuff from there? It is because of the general human tendency to approach to the things which are feasible at that particular instance. So it is necessary to create a virtual impression to your customer that you are available 24/7 and they can approach you with ease. Even if you are offline or working on some other app, your app’s icon on the home screen will constantly remind the user of your presence. Idle hours have a high probability of being spent on your app which further increases your sale.

Every business either on a small scale or large scale has to play smart in order to capitalize its audience. Let us put it very clear, why the heck can’t we spend a little money and give yourselves a new path to attain your goal. Finally, it is all about being on the same page as that of your customer’s. To explore the new market, engage with your customers, deliver what they need and build yourself a new empire.

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