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Mobile app development – We at YoCreativ believe in igniting ideas and in helping clients’ pioneer unconventional businesses. We love to see businesses enhance relationships with employees and customers using the “leading technology platform” – The Mobile.

We live in a digital world today, and more than 80% of the world’s population uses their smartphones to search and purchase products/ services online, and more than 25% of these use a mobile application. A mobile application is more than just a viable tool for marketing – it increases your business exposure, improves customer loyalty, and creates brand awareness. If you are looking to increase the accessibility of your products or services to new customers, a mobile application from a reputed mobile app development company in Gurgaon is what you need.

It’s time to create a game-changing application to change the way you do your business.

If you are an agency, business, start-up, or an individual, mobile or web applications are for you.

  • Make communication with your users easily
  • Socializing with your family or friends gets easy
  • Helps to store and secure data
  • Grow your business by building a trusted brand that directly connects with its customers

iOS App Development

If you are confused about Android and iOS application, you need to know that iPhone, and iPad users use more applications and spend more on apps when compared to Android users. The developers and designers at YoCreativ, an ios app development company in Gurgaon, are skilled and experienced and can help create the perfect iOS application for any old or new generation Apple product. The iOS apps we develop are sure to provide excellent user experience and are highly reliable.

More than 6 billion applications have been downloaded from 2010 just from Android and Apple, and this shows how mobile applications have changed the way consumers interact with the brands. It is estimated that more than 50% of iPhone users purchase at least an app every month and has an average of 35 apps. This is what makes it important to have a mobile application for your product or service-oriented business in this digitally smart industry.

The “iOS” is undoubtedly the apple of the users and having known that we strive to develop only the best applications for the Apple App Store. Thanks to our skilled team of professionals, we offer iOS application services like the iPhone application design, enterprise applications, and applications for e-commerce, consultancy and testing for iPhone app and performance optimization. Our apps create a robust experience and help elevate productivity.

Benefits of iOS App Development

We are backed by a professional and skilled team of designers, QA engineers, and developers who thoroughly understand your ideas and give their best to bring them to life.

The Added Advantage – When viewed from a user perspective, the iOS applications we develop provide great user experience, few clicks, and amazing scrolling advantages.

Earn Profits – With the experience and skills we have, we only offer functional and interactive application solutions that earn you the best ROIs.

Stand Tall – We have an ultramodern approach and include user-friendly operative features that enhance the overall user experience and increase brand loyalty.

An Edge over Your Competition – Our top priority is to maintain your “Project Incognito.” Our iOS applications provide an edge over your competitors.

Android App Development

Android is undoubtedly one of the most popular operating systems used in smartphones and has a penetration ratio of 85% with more than a billion users. Android mobile applications have a great market reach and enhance the growth of the business.

Android as an operating system has more to it than just being popular. The OS is updated from time to time is loved by the users due to its ease of use and flexibility. We at YoCreativ have skilled mobile app developers who can help build quality and a user-centric Android app for your business.

YoCreativ, one of the top android application development companies in Gurgaon can design and develop business apps, social media applications, interactive end-user applications and more – all of which are known for their scalability and their sturdiness. The android mobile applications developed by us are supported on all the android devices.

We understand the importance of reaching the target audience and our UX/UI designs helps you with that. We not only design and develop an app but also help you identify your target market and the best platform you can choose. The android mobile application we create will help you with maximum engagement.

Benefits of Android App Development

If you are an established business or a small enterprise, all that matters is that idea you presently have in your mind about your mobile application. It is important to know that the mobile application can only be in demand only when you develop it.

Excellent User-Base – We at YoCreativ understand that it takes a stunning UI/UX design to develop that user-base for your mobile application. Be it the flexible layouts or the easy navigation, we think from a user perspective before finalizing on the design and features.

Show Your Presence – The mobile app we create is the face of your brand. We help you proudly meet the world and show your presence in the Google App Store and later on various android devices.

Structured App and Services – We believe in strategic planning and confidential communication. With undivided attention, the technical team provides you with timely updates and delivers the product right on time.

Secure Your Place – Your business can be complex, but we can make it easier in the android application. Our applications are user-friendly and are easy and hassle-free to steer.

With the use of latest technologies, we create bug-free applications for android phones. With stunning features and user-friendly layout, the apps we create are assured for security as well. If you are looking for an android application in Gurgaon with reliable and smooth functionality, it is time you give our experts a call.

Hybrid App Development

If you wish to have the best of both the worlds, we at YoCreativ can combine both web and native applications to create the best. Our team has skilled developers with years of experience in Native, Web, and Hybrid application development, who are well-accustomed with the changing technologies.

If you are looking for a scalable and a secure mobile application that can handle the needs of IT and business, we can develop a Hybrid application by combining, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. We understand that the development of a Hybrid application requires the mastery of more than one technology, but it can also provide excellent results when it is done right.

Our Hybrid applications boost of innovative features and bring to you a wide range of solutions. Hybrid apps add more value to mobile application development and also have the ability to offload any tasks for the native plug-ins. Clients can opt to release only one application for both Apple and Google Play Store as the mobile application is developed with similar resources that are native to each operating system.

The Hybrid app framework includes default UI elements that allow its customization. We enable our clients to add their unique touch to the app and are easy to maintain as well.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

Excellent User Interface – Hybrid app provides options for customization – be it buttons, colors, or more. We make high standard elements with vibrant colors and rich material design. Our Hybrid applications support multiple languages, and this provides a personalized experience to every user.

Quick and Appealing – The development principles of Hybrid mobile applications are quite robust, which enables us to develop the application quickly. Above all, the app comprises the capabilities of CSS, JS CSS, and HTML, and this is what makes it highly functional.

Cost –Friendly – Clients can get a single cross-platform application developed that can be used on android, windows as well as iOS devices. This not only reduces the development time but your costs as well. This is ideal for small enterprises or start-ups!

Single Framework – One of the main benefits of Hybrid application is its “one-time development process” for all devices. The app can be functional across multiple operations systems and devices without any hiccups.

We make our hybrid applications just right and use a result-oriented approach to create a stunning mobile application that suits your business requirements.

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