Infographic marketing strategy – Businesses try to be innovative and […]

Infographic marketing strategy – Businesses try to be innovative and different from the competition and make the brand premium. There is plenty of business out there that deliver the same content as of yours. In order to be successful in this enormous crowd, it is important to be different and stand out. Branding helps you in achieving it which we’ll cover in a different article, apart from branding the other important aspect to achieve this success is using infographics appropriately. This article covers the infographics segment from the start and will guide you to a depth analysis.

Infographic Marketing Strategy

1. Effective SEO tool

Well-Designed infographics, when shared on relevant websites, build up links that Google picks up and rewards you perfectly by increasing your index ranking in their search engine which will, in turn, promote your business immensely. This is due to Google algorithm which identifies the SEO friendly contents and rewards websites with natural links. It is to be noted that infographics should not be used inappropriately as Google considers them as spam which will bring a bad impact over the website.

2. Relatively cheaper

Infographics designing is comparatively cheap as it can be done “in-house” in almost negligible cost. After creating a great infographic you can share it via email or across various social media platforms. There are some sites which provide infographics templates for free or a small number of fees. Sounds like dream come true.

3. It’s engaging

It is a known fact that the human mind receipt visual more easily than pure texts. Infographics catch the attention of the viewers and increase their engagement level which results in high chances of it being shared. Good infographics can even make your post, page or blog go viral. With fierce competition among advertisements to catch public attention only text-based content is definitely not going to help.

Human psychology says that plain words do not interest people when they are busy while visually appealing information catches attention. Visual center of brain responses better to image stimuli triggering response and memory retention. You will definitely gather more eyeballs and increased social shared.

Instead of just words, road signals carry symbols.

Promoting your infographics can also promote your business and needs to be pushed accordingly.

Ways to Promote Infographics

a. Make it easy to Share

Simply providing shareable buttons on the website will do the work for you linking the post to various social media platforms for instant share. Asking the user base to share them freely can also be a big help. Simple lines like “please share and like “or “share if you like” can be used. Mostly sharing is undervalued, but stats show that sharing is a major traffic generator for many websites. People do really share if they like it. Just try providing a shareable button and see the change.

b. Make it Search Engine Friendly

Use keywords sporadically throughout and optimize it according to the search engine. You can use Google AdWords to find keywords related to your field of infographics. A search engine friendly infographic gathers more traffic and hits. It is the best way to widen your horizon.

c. Embed Code

Embedding codes are also a good way to enable sharing across platforms. Provide HTML embed codes so that viewers can easily use it to embed your infographic into their blog, page, and post. The ultimate motive is to advertise the content so that it reaches the maximum number of people.

d. Make a Video

Make a video promoting your work, add music, some jingles. Promote your infographics via this video and share it on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. As previously discussed visual content reach the audience much faster. Hence promoting the infographics in video format will provide you with unimaginable returns. You can also submit it to influential bloggers and request them to share it. As these bloggers have already created a huge visitor base, it will be easier for you infographic to reach a wider range of audience. Doing such aspects will make you definitely rise up the ladder within a short time.

e. Make use of Directories

Submitted your infographics to online directories like SEO slideshare.net, visual.ly etc that will definitely help your infographics to be found.

The more you spread your infographics the more likely it is to be seen. Your traffic will increase directly affecting your sales and raising your business profitability. All a website aims is to reach a wider audience and to provide them or showcase them the content they have created. According to SEO norms, it is mandatory that a website should use all the available content forms on its website like infographics, videos, plain images, textual content. Among these, infographics are considered to be a game changer as it can provide the content that the visitor wants without losing its mark in the search engine ranking. Hence the last and most important word of advice. Try to use as many Infographic marketing strategy possible but with relevancy to make your website rank high in the search engines.

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