Professor Himanshu Rai has been teaching PG and Doctoral students at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML) since 2006. His core area of expertise is Human Resource Management, wherein he focuses on Negotiation; Mediation; Arbitration; Strategic HRM; and Leadership. He has earlier taught in the HR area at XLRI Jamshedpur. As the Convener of CAT 2010, he successfully led the largest format change in world’s testing history exceeding all global standards of testing. Through his initiatives gender and educational background parity was achieved by IIMs. He frequently conducts training programmes and workshops for executives as well as bureaucrats around the world. Rai wished to take his services to a larger audience, hence hoped that Internet would help him with his venture. As everyone else he just saw the grass greener on the other shore wherein failed to calculate the ill effects that one would incur if certain prerequisites we were not considered.

The Complications:

There are a lot of components that has to be considered when a website is build. Failing in considering it will not only provide a neutral result but indeed would result in a much negative scenario. Below are the following complications that arised in the website created by Himanshu Rai.

1. Speed insights:

1. Speed insights:

The website of Himanshu Rai had a speed insights score which was far from perfect. Speed insights score is contemplated to be the most important element as it accredits a website to get a higher rank. Google uses its own set of rules to analyze a website. These rules are separated into two categories:

  • Speed
  • Usability

There would be many factors that would affect the speed and usability aspect of a site whereas Himanshu Rai’s website failed to optimize most of these.

2. Website Design:

No one could stress more about the important of design in a website. A design speaks a lot more than it has to say. Himanshu Rai’s website was having a flawed design with a lot of unsupported scripts. This is how the website’s home page looked like

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3. Security:

A website getting hacked is the worst thing that a website holder would ever imagine. As security aspect was taken light, Himanshu Rai’s website was hacked and misused. This forced Himanshu Rai to immediately search and find a reliable and skilled web developer to solve the issues that his website incurred.

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The Rectification:

Yocreativ undertook the project and significantly improved the website. As a pioneer step the team analyzed the website and found the reason as of which the website is performing below par. Below mentioned are the steps through which Yocreativ rectified the problems incurred in Himanshu Rai’s website.

1. Website design:

Professor Himanshu Rai wanted his website design to be simple, clean and at the same time to project his patriotism towards his mother land. To satisfy the following needs Yocreativ developed an extremely aesthetic design which contained the colors viz. saffron, green and while resembling the Indian tri-color flag. Most of tabs are highlighter in blue as blue signifies trust, loyalty, wisdom and intelligence. Yocreativ’s creative team created the home page such that it embraces the visitors upfront with a tag line of Himanshu Rai saying “Say what you mean, do what you say”. Below is the snapshot of the homepage.

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Optimizing a website will boost its speed and thereby its usability. But the real question is what to optimize and how to optimize?

2. Image optimizing:

A speed of a website in general defines the time required by a website to load all its internal data and project the same to the user. Obviously an image of 1mb would take longer time to load when compared to that of 100KB. So it is always advisable to compress the image before uploading the same but also have to make sure that compressing the image is not going to have an ill effect over its quality. We have successfully optimized all the images within Himanshu Rai’s site so that it would load much faster.

3. Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS:

Render means loading, so if something is render-blocking, it means that it is keeping the page from loading as quickly as it could. In order to optimize the website Yocreativ deferred these JavaScripts and CSS that interfere with loading above the fold content of your WebPages. Above the fold means what a user sees initially on the screen.

4. Minification:

Minification in computer programming languages is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality. These unnecessary characters usually include white space characters, new line characters, comments and sometime block delimiters. These are used to increase the readability to the code but not required for it to execute. It is very important to minify the code as it would increase the website’s speed.

5. Website Security:

Yucreative takes security really seriously. In order to make sure that the website is free from malware and viruses they regularly monitor the website and will update the essentials regularly. They also use least privileged concept which will further increase the security on one’s website.


The website was well optimized in all aspects and the rectified i.e. the current website of Himanshu Rai is beautifully organized, well designed and thus Himanshu Rai was finally able to fulfill his intentions in establishing a website and provide his valuable service through it. Yocreativ provided the best service which was more than satisfactory for Rai as it carved the path for him to reach his life’s goal.



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