How to promote YouTube channel – Practical explanations always outweigh its theoretical counterpart. The easiest method to induce practical explanation of a subject is through demonstration and can be achieved in video format with ease. With the Internet becoming cheaper it is more feasible for people to get into this huge pool of video world. Everything you want, either for gaining knowledge or for just mere entertainment purpose is now available in video format. In a search like “how to do digital marketing”, you’ll get a huge list of videos made on the topics from webinars, simple presentations to videos recorded in actual studios. This has made YouTube the second largest search engine and became many people’s favorite way to utilize spare time instead of killing it.

I myself have learned to code through YouTube channels and am a fan of many channels.

Although these channels provide good value information, most of them fail to get the views they rightly deserve. Are they using the right way to reach their viewers?



Most probably the visitor would search for his needs in the search tab with a specific set of keywords. Hence it is extremely important for the video hosting website to acknowledge the relationship between the searched keyword and your relevant video. Perform keyword research for your segment and then optimize the channel by making adjustments to titles, file names, descriptions, tags, annotations etc. Whenever someone enters a keyword string to search for a particular video, YouTube’s algorithm works around it and suggests it videos and make sure that you are in that list.

Include keywords in title, description, and playlists.