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How to promote YouTube channel – Practical explanations always outweigh its theoretical counterpart. The easiest method to induce practical explanation of a subject is through demonstration and can be achieved in video format with ease. With the Internet becoming cheaper it is more feasible for people to get into this huge pool of video world. Everything you want, either for gaining knowledge or for just mere entertainment purpose is now available in video format. In a search like “how to do digital marketing”, you’ll get a huge list of videos made on the topics from webinars, simple presentations to videos recorded in actual studios. This has made YouTube the second largest search engine and became many people’s favorite way to utilize spare time instead of killing it.

I myself have learned to code through YouTube channels and am a fan of many channels.

Although these channels provide good value information, most of them fail to get the views they rightly deserve. Are they using the right way to reach their viewers?

How to Promote YouTube Channel

Channel SEO Optimization

Most probably the visitor would search for his needs in the search tab with a specific set of keywords. Hence it is extremely important for the video hosting website to acknowledge the relationship between the searched keyword and your relevant video. Perform keyword research for your segment and then optimize the channel by making adjustments to titles, file names, descriptions, tags, annotations etc. Whenever someone enters a keyword string to search for a particular video, YouTube’s algorithm works around it and suggests it videos and make sure that you are in that list.

Include keywords in title, description, and playlists.


You get to choose from 03 of the suggested thumbnails generated by YouTube or you can upload them on your own. Make sure you select a good bright one to get the attention of the users. The thumbnail needs to be large and high resolution but most importantly relevant.

Video Title

Unlike a website, the video has little to speak in terms of text. The most important text that the video would possess is its title. It should be clear, crisp and not overboard. The title should be around 5-7 words long giving a good idea of what the user can expect in the video. Promote one video at a time which will bring users to your channel and from there they might consume some more videos as per their taste.


Redirected traffic is the second largest traffic base in the internet domain. Promote your videos in blogs wherever possible. This also allows you to introduce your videos to other segments which might not search for them on YouTube. Forex, who wouldn’t want to watch a video on body language or personality development if covered in a blog? To get a good idea of what one reads and get a visual understanding of the concepts, videos are best.


Many of YouTube video makers don’t realize that creating a playlist is a great way to attain more views to your video. Generally, a playlist is a group, of videos that will play sequentially one after another. The most appealing thing about playlists is that they show themselves separately in the search results. This signifies that if you have uploaded a video regarding website development and a playlist about digital marketing that contains website development video, it would approach the viewers with more ease when they are searching to find their desired video. This is because the probability gets doubled as the viewers can choose to either view the website development video or the playlist of digital marketing. Also, playlist gives a good structure to your videos, helps to keep the uploaded videos organized and the viewers can browse through their interests easily. Chances of staying on the channel and even remembering a particular series increases when arranged in a playlist.


Repeat audience is the best way to generate more views to your video. YouTube has a feature to notify subscribers regarding a recently uploaded video. Since people who subscribed to your channel are attracted to your content, they wait for you to upload new videos and check them out. They get notified instantly and hence the more subscribers you’ve got, the more views you will get within the first few days, or even hours, of uploading your video.

Generally, a lot of viewers will not be thinking about subscribing to any channel, but a statistics show that if a pop up shows up urging them to subscribe or a better option will be if you ask them yourself to subscribe, they will be more likely to subscribe to your channel

End cards

There would a small box that pops up at the end of video allowing you to retain the viewers’ attention. It also provides a call to action (CTA) when the video is about to complete. A CTA can include something like getting directed to another video or even subscribing to the channel.

Alternate Channels

Look for alternate channels to drive traffic and not just rely on traffic that comes from YouTube search only. Channels can include groups on social media, through chats or even friends and family. This normally has a good multiplier effect going.


Getting a hang of user’s tastes and preferences is a bit difficult. Instead, look for what you are good at. Start with what you can create the best and move in that direction instead of focusing on what is trending and hot. It might get you initial clicks but in long run, the one with good quality will win.

Promoting a YouTube channel is similar to promoting a website but a bit easy as the autoplay button sequences one video after another and so chances of finding your channel increases. Focus on these parts and your YouTube channel will get clicks and views in a short time.

If all these points are considered and utilized efficiently, getting a lot of views for good valued video content will always remain a piece of cake

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