How to Increase Traffic on Website – Having a website is like having a third hand after all. It works for you 24/7. It does business for you. A unique site provides you with an identity like none other. It can be the face of your company. Your customers get information from the site. Their queries are answered well. But all this can be achieved only when you drive the network traffic towards your site.

In a web world dominated by 1.42 billion users, every single day, how is it possible? Though the challenge looks overwhelming, it is still worth taking the efforts.



Following SEO techniques helps dwell the process from within. These are power-packed techniques time tested and proven. Over their credibility of course. Are you aware of what On-Page SEO is all about? This is a process where you provide user-driven content. You need to capture information your customers are actually looking for. You can include SEO relevant words or phrases either on the product caption or across your product descriptions. Either way, you are all well to go!


You need to use concise Meta descriptions for all your pages. This should be done uniformly through all the pages you plan including on your site. The rule holds good even when you frame data across hundreds of pages.

Well, what is the actual use of including precise Meta tags or descriptions? These lend a brand identity to the site. Whichever page your web user is on, he/she can reach the landing page. Or the firm’s home-page. This is while you try using the tag line or Meta descriptions. The Meta description arrives below the URL in search results. Web users know what the page is all about or pick cues on what results in a click. This way, they are more likely to click on your site over hundreds of others.


This is a terrific way to improve network or organic traffic. You need to make earnest efforts in getting yourself listed with online directories. You can actively participate in surveys or add guest blogs on competitor sites. This way, you can make your web presence constantly felt. You will again have to provide quality services so that your brand receives rave reviews on review sites. You need to update info every now and then. This way, you have the latest listings or information updated on online directories.


Taking to social media speaks volumes on how to increase traffic on the website. You can easily promote your e-firm by including hashtags. These hashtags are linked to the blogs, product info or sales strategies you display through social media channels. You can get your social media followers to click on the e-site. Plus you have the followers’ networks where they share content into. When you add hashtags to blogs or posts, you include an additional network distribution chain to the product console. You extend your reach beyond your network. Plus web users easily discover you while searching for products or services.


You can create landing pages in an interesting manner. You can link landing pages while you allow your e-customers redeem discount codes. Or while they have a free e-book downloaded. Else while the users try using a free trial pack. Landing pages are a great way to boost up your network rankings. They give your users all the details they may need in order to move forward or to convert.


Short tail phrases are mostly used by umpteen number of online consoles. Here there is nothing you do differently. Moreover, it is difficult for search engines to rank you higher. This is especially while you use short-tail keywords. But on the other hand, while you use long tail keywords, you lend a natural feel to your e-site.

This way, search engines can rank you higher. There is every possibility that it marks your site over thousands of mediocre designed e-sites. These are for queries specific to your products/services. While you enjoy higher rankings on Google, you obviously enjoy a better run-rate in terms of web traffic. Moreover, you have advanced technologies like voice to text capabilities. Search engines can rank you higher only when you adapt to unconventional methods of having your site designed.


E-mail marketing tells you how to increase traffic on the website, the hassle-free way. When you send out newsletters or provide discount coupons via emails, you are able to keep in continuous touch with your customers. This way, you are able to find an increased flow of network traffic.

Provide links or useful blogs that can help web users locate your landing pages. But here, you need to use email marketing, with a word of caution. When you try bombarding your e-members with way too many emails they can either dis-engage with you. Else unsubscribe themselves from the terms of your email service. You also need to provide the caption taglines in a ravishing manner. When your e-subscribers hardly open your emails, where are you going to get the network traffic from?


Online advertising can definitely improve your sales turnover or improve your network traffic. But how you do think you can do it effectively? You need to use specific tools pertaining to the same. Using social media, paid search campaigns like PPC (Pay per click) and display advertising are some of them. You can use effective podcasts too. These spread the intended message to web audiences in a crystal-clear manner.


Using guest blogs is a two-way process. You can post guest blogs on other sites so as to get better review ratings. You can also let bloggers post guest blogs on your web page. This way, you make your web presence felt via both the channels of the online marketing sales funnel.

By including guest blogs, you are able to identify parallel businesses where you can diversify or foray into. You can see if you are able to provide a post to their blog channel. This is with a link back to your web site. But you need to make the content relevant or useful to their site too. This way, this is more of an evenly distributed exchange of info.


Here you have the most incredible way on how to increase traffic on the website. You need to engage yourself in online chat rooms, communities or forums. Of course, your engagement must be relevant to the set of products or services you primarily deal with. You can answer questions to comments people are posting. Post-reading a guest blog or lecture.

If you have your social media profiles linked to your e-site, then you have garnered success. In terms of maximizing network traffic to your site. But again, here you have a word of caution. You cannot include your business links in the comments section. As this can turn out to be a spam one. You also need to engage moderately. As you don’t want your business reputation or your online credibility, going for a toss.

These are 10 creative ways on how to increase traffic on the website.