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How to Get To the Top of Google without Paying – Have you first aimed at using paid services for Google? Do these include Google Ads and so on? Most of the web owners resort to paid forms of advertising. This is mainly because they want consumer awareness or the product reach to happen within the shortest possible time-frame. But what happens is this!

You either get instant fame or you get wiped out of business in no time. Then what happens to the money you have been investing in building your site so far? Your ROI in other words Returns on Investment reaches zero or even negative. Henceforth, you need to look at organic methods to improve your site and get to Google’s top ranking slots.

Seo Tips and Tricks to Promote Website

Include keywords on the domain name

Including keywords as a part of the domain email id or domain name makes absolute sense. This is mainly because; your e-site gets noticed by people very easily. Your web audiences instantly know what you are into. This is just by looking at your site. Say, you want to run an online cake store; you can have the keywords on your domain id.

The online viewer immediately knows that you deal with freshly baked cakes and pastries. Including keywords as a part of the domain name is, therefore, a very good technique to increase conversions.

Use long-tailed keywords

Instant messages and voice chat abilities pioneer the move towards replacing human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Using long-tailed keywords, therefore, becomes the need of the hour. If a human asks you a question, how do you think the format is?

Do you want to sell cars within 24 hours? If you touch upon this keyword multiple times, the question-based query takes the user to your firm’s landing page. Google ranks you top slots for giving a natural flavor on addressing queries.

Structure your data with specific URLs

You might have a particular domain id for branding purposes. Here, you may or may not specify what you are into. By structuring your URL’s, you again help visitors or web viewers get what they are looking for.

When you structure URL’s this way, within the main home page or landing page, you get astounding conversion results.

Use techniques aimed at web usability or improve interactivity

This particular paragraph gets you to the core part on how to get to the top of Google without paying. You will have to use enhanced techniques to help web users navigate through the site without hassles. You need to improve web usability or user interactivity. This can be done in a number of ways. For an easier understanding, I have bulleted the pointers for you.

  • Create colorful or eye-catching themes while presenting core info. The user gets curious to read through the content. Web users automatically spend more time on your e-site. This, in turn, improves the site’s dwell time and your rankings can improve.
  • You need to use ample spacing between paragraphs. No one likes to go through a wall of text or detailed info without formatting.
  • You need to present facts in bulleted lists. The sequence of events can be done by using numbered lists. This makes reading easier.
  • Call to action buttons has to be invoked. You give them the web content. And let them know what they will have to do at the end. This way, they reach your landing page and helps you make better conversions.
  • You can include downloadable e-books. And include a statement like this,

After going through our e-book, you can

Subscribe to our channel or Sign up on a paid membership and so on. You need to include the action button so that your web users click to that particular link.

Consistent optimization

You may approach a leading SEO company to have your web content optimized. But you need to follow a consistent approach when it comes to having your content optimized. Just do not concentrate on applying keywords or SEO techniques for your on-page. You need to have all the pages optimized. This way, the Google web crawlers can scan through your web content at an absolute degree of ease.

Use generous font sizes

When you use generous font sizes, web users can capture the content at ease. Only when they consume info, they will know what you are into. A recommended font size of 16 pixels or 16PX plus sizes can be used. This is especially when you portray ads in a slide-show format.

You can also use a bigger font size within the content. This technique helps web users scan through the content at ease. Because using microscopic letters to project information makes reading it all the more difficult.

Contrasting colors help capture attention

Again you want web users to stay hooked to your e-site. To achieve this feat, you can try hands at using bright, bold and contrasting hues. Remember, every time you see a Maybelline ad, that smashing red colored lipstick comes to your mind. You can design your web content on similar lines. Use eye-catching shades to depict spike words, the company’s motto, and other useful info.

Be prepared to experiment

You need to try hands-on to different techniques with multiple permutations and combinations. Only then, you will know what set of organic SEO techniques work out to your advantage.

You can experiment with using Call to action buttons at various levels. To create that interest and help your web visitors gather momentum. You can try using imaginative themes to lend an interesting appeal to your e-site. You can add personalized shopping carts if you are running a store online.

These are the organic SEO techniques on how to get to the top of Google without paying a dime. You can look for open-ended codes that help users add info. They can add their personalized shopping experiences. When you work on the review comments, you get snippets on how to make your virtual store even better.

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