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How to Create a WordPress Website of your own can be quite exciting. But at the same time, the process is quite challenging too. WordPress site is the most user-friendly of them all. With its exciting range on pre-made templates and web designs, things get easier than ever.

How to Create a WordPress Website

Choosing the domain name

Choosing the domain name is the first and the foremost step in creating your own site. Your web users may not know you by name. But they would search for you depending on the brand you deal with. Hence, it is always better you choose a domain name, keeping the company or brand identity in mind. It is highly advisable that you don’t choose something funky or too flashy. Say, for instance, the domain name can be http://www.anitta’skitchen.com. Instead of http://www.anittamakesagreatcook.com/

Anyone looking for kitchen service can get the site up and running. Jazzy words show up only if someone knows you by name. In a virtual world, dominated by millions of web users, this is simply out of scope.

Choosing the right service provider

Sometimes, choosing a domain name can eat up your screen time. The computer can throw up too many options. You get too overwhelmed. Before you start with the creation of a WordPress site, you can be on the look-out for a service provider. In case you get stuck, there would be someone to guide you through. You can at least get connected with an online based chatroom so that you receive help.

Bluehost is one of the best service providers when it comes to launching fabulous WordPress sites. They help you choose the domain name and provide hosting services at the same time. Once you choose the desired domain name, Bluehost intimates if the domain name or server name is available or not. It also helps you search an alternative web name from the drop-down menu.

Set up a hosting account

Again setting up a hosting account is something you will need to do with care and caution. You will have to punch in your personal details. The first name, last name, DOB (Date of Birth), residential address and so on.

Some hosting companies suggest you take a package. It can be a basic one. Else you can choose a mid-level pro or an advanced version too. Easy to use templates, drag and drop options and other finesse features will be available to those of you who take up an advanced package. Whatever you spend today will come back to you millions multiplied. So it is ideal you invest your money with the best resources.

Some of the advanced features also include added security features, site backup facility, and tools to boost up your site’s rankings. Again you get the enhanced features on the package itself.

Enter the billing info

As such, for a first timer, it is not possible to build your entire WordPress website site from the scratch. may require you to take a drill. Into the procedures involved.

As you go hands-on with a reliable service provider, you need to enter your billing details. Enter your 16 digit VISA/ Master Card number. Then you will have to punch in the expiry date of the card. Mentioning the CVV number comes next. You will also have to go through the terms of service, cancellation policies and privacy notices. You will have to check the appropriate boxes before you are taken through the next screen.

Choosing the user id and password

After the billing info has gone through successfully, this is what you get. The screen prompts you to choose your very own user id. You can give the domain id or you can have a personalized email too. Then you get to choose the password. Now, you are all set to go. You can also choose an attractive WordPress theme or a web design outlay. WordPress is pre-loaded. This depends on the service provider you decide going for. You can use the credentials to log into the WordPress website.

Getting started off

It is time for you to get deeper into the site. The screen pops out a question to know if you are starting the website for or personal reasons. You need to choose one accordingly. The feed pops up based on your choice. It is ideal you spend a little extra time on knowing about the features of every feed option.

You can set up the dashboard or icons on the homepage. This is what your web users will see, as they land on your page. Again you will have to create mind-boggling landing sites. This is because your visibility is revealed, all through the site. On the dashboard, it is important that you review features. These are the ones you would be using most often. You also need to check, how user-friendly your site is.

Fun color the site

Now the pulsating excitement is far from over. You can choose flashy web designs. To make your web engines powerful, you can choose stylish fonts. You can include special elements that reveal your personality or the company culture.

You need to experiment with several options to gauge the functionality of the site. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find several navigation links that help you customize the site. Read through each option to find which one suits you the best. You can post your very first blog on how to use your WordPress site.

Send e-invites

You can invite web users to view the site or click on a navigational site. If you plan linking up with a social media, say Facebook, you can ask your web connects to like the page. This way, you create awareness. You create a brand identity. This process also helps your network traffic gets diverted in favor of your site. Include SEO strategies so that Google places you on top of search page rankings.

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