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How to boost my website on Google – When you […]

How to boost my website on Google – When you have a leading e-site designed, you will have to make adequate measures – this helps the site appear sassy. Effective incorporation of SEO techniques just does not include the usage of appropriate keywords alone. The download speed of the site, the duration it takes for a site to open and other user-friendly features are included as well. You may need to slog hard to make your site stand on top in parlance with Google standards. But at the end of it, things can really get rewarding. The question ‘How to boost my website on Google?’ may dwell on your mind. Letting you know 10 straight-forward steps pertaining to the same.

Well researched content

As you all know ‘Content is the king’. A well-researched content may be tabulated in the form of powerpoint slides, captivating ads or full-length picture-posts. If you may have noticed, there is something known as the ‘dwell time’ at the SEO world. Dwell time is the duration of time your visitors stay glued to your e-site as such. Draw up informative and well-illustrated blogs that has a keyword length ranging 2000 and 2500 words. You can depict your points in an attractive manner. Include more keywords. And optimize content in a fruitful way as well. The dwell time considerably improves when you use longer posts. This can boost your rankings on Google or Bing.

Downloading speed

The downloading speed of your site and consumer conversion is directly proportional to one another. In other words, the faster the download speed of the site, the higher the conversion becomes. Even if web-users wait a few extra seconds, they may navigate away from the same. Use powerful plug-ins, clean coding and streamlined image settings to achieve the same. You can compress high-resolutions images into image files. This technique reduces the size of the picture file.

Using relevant images

You need to use precise or relevant images on par with the content you had designed earlier. You can use description tags for image files and name each appropriately. Google crawlers can scan through the content easily. Again, this is a technique that can impact your rankings at search engines. Namely Google, Yahoo Search or Bing!

Video content

To make your e-site a better one, you can add video content to the site. Adding pictures, slide shows and captivating videos can increase bounce rates among web users. In other words, they would love to bounce back to your site. Just to discover what else is new. You can also include audio based podcasts to boost up your site’s ranking on Google. This way, your site can look more interactive or appealing to web audiences. Companies using video content increase their conversion rate by 4.8% higher than their non-video content partners.

Make your content easy to understand

Sometimes, in an urge to add a thick-line segment to audiences, e-commerce owners tend to use a very flowery language. This is especially among copywriters or creative product description specialists. owners tend to use a very flowery language. This is especially among copy writers or creative product description specialists. Though the reading sounds interesting, this is the sad bit. The users would not be able to comprehend what is being told to them. Convey your one-liners or product descriptions using a simple style. It is not urban crowds alone who would love trying your products. But the rural population too can try their hands on to it. Keep your language simple. This feature adds to readability and makes the site user-friendly too.

Layout and formatting

Again, a wall of text is the most unappealing among web audiences. You will have to format the content. Add margins. Add description tags. Add Meta tags to headings and side headings. Add names to image files. Bullet or number lists where needed. A very well-formatted content makes it easier for people to catch USP’s of the product line better. Again formatting the site in a streamlined manner can boost up your profile on Google rankings.

Adding a ‘Contact Us’ page helps

You should necessarily add a ‘Contact Us’ page covering your e-site. Include store timings, working days, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, etc., if you run a physical store. And cater to online customers too. If you are running a 100% online firm, you can share your email address preferably the official e-mail id of the firm which you are running. This way, web audiences can come back to you if they feel you were doing a great job. You can as well think about portraying your line of products in a fabulous manner. ‘Contact Us’ page with the right set of details can maximize conversion rates by almost 40%.

Site architecture

In this online guide on how to boost my website on Google, all these pointers are generic. We all know what is what. But e-commerce owners hardly incorporate most of these. That is why the successful numbers are lesser. Most of the site creators disappear in a jiffy. Again, SEO does not merely revolve on keyword selection. The deep core SEO processes ingrain techniques beyond the same. Navigability or designing user-friendly site architecture is one of them. Create just four to five sub-categories of products on home-page. You may deal with 10,000 plus items. But broadly have fewer than four to five categories. Designing the site this way helps navigation easier. Members know where to search for their products. This way, your sale is almost done.

Mobile optimization

You must necessarily make your e-site compatible with mobile phones. Most of the consumers strike deals via online shopping. They research or browse for products and services via their mobile phones or smart-phone tablets. This way, they are able to shop for products while they are on the move. Hence make the site accessible to mobile or smartphones.

Include local SEO

Again this is a technique that Google recognizes like none other. Include local SEO buzz alert. The moment someone types for your fleet of products or services and you are located in that particular area. The buzz feed alert gives a notification that your store is located in this area. This way, you get better responses towards selling products or services. If you are running an online store, local search SEO again helps as you can ship the orders to customers residing in the closer vicinity to your store. These are top 10 techniques on how to boost my website on Google.

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