Digital marketing techniques – going to nearby fares with family and friends used to be super cool and the real happiness used to be in the journey than reaching the destination. Now, no one spends so much time, effort and energy to go on a lazy trip and instead prefer sitting on sofa grazing on those potato chips. Everything is available on our fingertips. You Google everything right from the nearest place to have an Italian dinner or a perfect remedy for stomach ache. Our day starts by checking notifications and ends at scrolling news feed.

With the changing world, marketing techniques and strategies have also changed to be more relevant and effective. Newspaper, TV ads, radio marketing, billboard advertising, personal selling and other not so tech-savvy techniques used to be the most effective marketing methods. But with technology taking a lead they have become outdated and non-economical. How many of us remember having a look at McDonald billboard while driving to work this morning but we sure do remember that pre-booking of the next I-phone has started.

The transition from push marketing to pull marketing has changed the game of marketing from hard work to soft work.

Businesses strengthen their digital presence with a website, social media accounts, business listings, and other digital marketing ideas. Businesses have started realizing that marketing digitally might not be enough.

This is why “digital marketing needs smart work, not hard work”. Before you start slogging over the digital front, keep these things in mind.


Get a clear idea of the target audience and where to target them. For this get a good understanding of how they connect with your business and how do they shop for it. Once the connections are made and you get a clear picture, you will be able to identify the right digital marketing tool to use. This will help you in shaping your digital marketing campaigns smartly.

Mobile marketing campaigns by Uber are one good example of selecting the right tool for the right business. Do you think it would have been possible if Uber chose anything else except mobile marketing? For starters, the target audience for Uber was on the go kind and always had a phone in their hands. Secondly, they needed a geographical location to serve them better which was possible through mobile only and hence the whole campaigns was done mobile first.


Considering how human spirit raises high during festivals and other celebrations. Marketing campaigns during those time periods will prove to be most effective.

Cadbury celebrations coming up with video commercials in late July and early August to make a successful impact in targeting Raksha Bandhan are a regular sight in India. In fact, digital marketing in India picks up the pace in months of September with the expectations of high sales in Diwali. Digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon have a hard time catering to clients during these seasons.

That is why you have to be smart to decide the right time of your digital marketing actions.


A good reach is that every company could dream off. Getting people to know you is the most difficult aspect of any growing business. Yes, getting viral and trendy is the latest buzz. If you can create a trendy post then you have half the battle won. Creating a trend and riding on it is the safest bet in the market. To achieve this, you need to keep a close eye on the current trends in the market, analyze them to your advantage and get going with it. At Yo Creativ which is the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we make creative content which can become viral and gets appreciated for its originality.


The hard reality is that no matter how good we are, we would eventually fail when we take marketing strategies light. A good marketing strategy at certain times would able to push even a below standard product whereas the reverse is not true. There are a dozen marketing techniques out there, so it’s our duty to identify the best one. The most effective marketing strategy would be to use content marketing to its full potential. Content marketing in simple words tells the story of your brand. In other words, it is through which you communicate with your customers. To use content marketing effectively a lot of research has to be made. This isn’t as hard as it sounds content marketing is very flexible. You can reframe the same content using different words so that it reaches a different set of audience.


Promoting a website or any digital platform can bring in a significant amount of traffic. Stats show that websites that are promoting itself in slide-share, Facebook and YouTube generate 43% more traffic compared to its counterpart. This is considered a best practice to attract traffic. Being honest, you could only get a few visitors in the initial stages, as no one is going to be aware of your website. On the other hand, nearly 3billion people are using Slide-share, Facebook, and YouTube. So being optimistic, if we had a chance to convert even 0.1% of this total population as our audience, we could be able to attain nearly 3million visitor. Doesn’t it sound great?


A successful campaign has 03 components in it, direction, effort, and persistence. The direction is set by the marketing tools you chose as discussed in the first step. The effort is your hard work and has financial factors associated with it.

Ensure that persistent efforts are governed by smartness and not hard work. For example, e-mail marketing reduces your customer acquisition cost while driving traffic to website and can be explored if it fits your scope of business.

Let’s look at some examples or ideas of smart marketing:

  • Re-marketing Technique or e-mail marketing helps you turn visitors into customers.
  • Brand inclusion is one of the best examples that can be cited here.
  • Dice media, the digital video division of pocket aces came up with a web series ‘little things’ where in they smartly advertised the little app. It is way clear that if they advertise through ads, which can be skipped or ignored. As well as its but obvious that the audience watching this web series is tech savvy and heavy data user and this way of promoting your product is the best shot.
  • Another very popular example is brand lumia being advertised in the movie ‘Chennai express

Even if you have a not so engaging product, find a creative angle because there is no substitute for great content. Working hard is important but working smartly makes a difference. Choose the smartest way to invest you funds and approach the right masses to go long.

There isn’t much of a use in knowing these digital marketing techniques unless they are used in action. Most importantly, it is you who have to act now. It is a wise decision to consult a digital marketing specialist like Yocreativ, who can guide you on how to embed yourself strong into the online world.