Digital marketing mistakes -When you start something new, there are always high chances of mistakes due to lack of knowledge. This basically means you shelling out more money to get the same work done along with the wastage of time, energy and efforts. Being in the service industry we realized that cutting corners and leveraging on the information gap happens to be a general trend. It is employed not only by individual freelancers but some big names too.


However, they are not be blamed completely as some clients are eye openers shaping the future service dealings process. If you are looking for digital services read below points before getting into service agreement:


Please buy the domain yourself and don’t ask your service provider to do it for you. It’s a very simple and easy procedure. You maintain the complete control rights over it. If your service provider buys it, then it is simply his property and you are using it in spite of paying him for that.


Don’t spend heavily on the server at the initial stage. Instead, save the money until you have built the clientele and actually need a strong server. Till then, use free server platforms like Hostinger for a year.


This is a very simple exercise complicated by people in the name of search engine optimization. Work on the below details and ask your developer to incorporate them in the website which you will check once he hands over. None of this will appear on the website and you can experiment a bit.


This is the one liner that you will see once you keep your cursor over the tab and you’ll see a text coming there which is the title. Keep this title text under 70 characters with original content to make it effective and please do not go overboard.


This is a simple description of the website and needs to be kept under 150 characters. Consider this as a 2-3 line description of the website to search engines.


Imagine what your target audience will enter into a search engine to avail your product or service and note down the top 10 keywords. Work around these keywords and finalize the keyword searches you’ll like to target.

It is very easy to check all these details in the website. Simply open the landing page and press Ctrl+U on the keyboard or right click on the webpage and select source code. In the source code press control F for find and start selecting the inputs (Title, description, Keywords) and check whether the inputs you asked for are there or not. Keep changing the same on a regular basis till you get a hang of things.


Make sure your social media accounts are connected on the website and in fact search around a bit for the best templates you might find. None of these integrations takes time and the stories around it are misleading.


Unless you are into e commerce space, do not ask for a back end panel as it will be very expensive. Ask for free support for the first 3 months as you will be looking for reviews and suggestions from friends and family. During this time get the reviews and finalize the website and if you still need any changes to be done, go for an annual maintenance contract and keep it as low as possible. If properly planned, chances are you might not even need one.

Follow these simple steps to remove the chances of mischief from your developer. This also helps you to get the initial basics covered which is simple and easy to implement. We’ll be covering similar steps in another article for the SEO and social media segment.