Green color psychology – the green color is right in the middle of the visible spectrum and is strongly associated with harmony, peace, and growth. Made from a combination of blue (represents intelligence) and yellow (represents creativity), green maintains harmony between the left and right side of the brain. It gets the clarity and optimism of mind from yellow and intelligent insights from blue.

It is a pleasing color and is said to be healing in nature. Green also symbolizes vitality, self-reliability, renewal, and restoration. Green is usually associated with nature as most of the grass, plants, leaves, and trees are green in color. Keep Green is also a quote that is widely used to demonstrate the necessity to keep the environment clean and help it in its endeavor. Farm equipment and earth moving brands use green colors to show they are nature-friendly.

The walls of hospitals are colored green to soothe the eyes of doctors who might have seen lots of red and also to calm down the patients.

The world loves green and uses it frequently in nomenclature and branding like green revolution, greenhouse effect, green card. Anything that is good for humanity can use the word green. It is to be noted that green represents cleanliness, hence it is widely used in food industry to prove to their buyer that the food they are supplying is of clean and hygienic quality. The symbol that represents pure vegetarian in food packet is too of green in color.

It is the color of hope and nature. It is the color of the environment and it is the color of human biological science. So in order to depict anything that is related to human beings or the environment then the color green is used.


Green has a very good balancing effect.

Due to its abundance in nature, it represents nature, growth, and harmony. It resembles trust, prosperity, and balance. For the same reasons, it is also the color of the military. In defense, the color green is widely used because when in an attack the soldiers can hide or travel along the green bush and plants without being identified evidently. Green can also represent a change, inexperience or freshness. New website designs and ideas also prefer green. Every color has both positive and negative traits associated with it. In the same way even though green has a ton of positive aspects in it, green color also has some negative traits to depict.

In the negative traits, it is also seen as materialistic, selfishly greedy and money minded. Show me the green?


Green is a perfectly balanced color and any mixing with other shades brings tilts the meaning away from the green.

Dark green:

A dark shade like black (represents sinister) tilts the prosperity of everyone to the well-being of one individual only. In the real world, this is associated with ambition, greed, and sometimes jealousy. Generally a self-centric or a selfish individual will be symbolized with the color black. Hence the more black is added to the green, the more negativity it will bring to its symbolism.

Yellowish green:

Yellow tilts the harmonically balance towards sickness and dull life. Rather than being dull sometimes yellowish dull is also considered as a very calm and soothing color. The shade represents in happiness with harmony like the fluorescent green. This is the most used shade of green when it comes to brands related to the food industry.

Sea green:

Blue tilts the balance towards intelligence and so sea green gets associated with healing and protection. It also generates a sense of intelligence and belief as sea green is mostly associated with intellectual trust. Smart tech companies working in environmental areas may choose this color to express their ideology to the audience

Olive green:

Brown (represents earth) directs the harmony of the green towards earth and widely used in military and defense areas to depict their emotional pride towards their motherland i.e. their country.


The Irish celebrate St Patrick’s Day all colored in green which also is their national color representing luck. Middle Eastern countries associate green with Islamic religion and the flag of Pakistan is all green.

Green also represents exorcism, infidelity especially in China where wearing a green hat symbolizes cheating your spouse.

In Latin America it symbolizes death.

Olive green is the color of the military throughout the world.

It is a forbidden color in Indonesia.


Green color relaxes eyes and the body. Hospitals have green all around on walls to ease the eyes of the doctors who have to go through a lot of red. Green reduces stress around and calms down the muscles.

Its hope and trust association is used by food companies to build relationships with users.

These are some of the famous brands that green color psychology for branding as their primary color. In most of the brands green holds an important space, hence it is termed as the versatile color in branding terms.