Black color psychology – black is what is left when there is no light. Total darkness and a mystery in itself, black is the exact opposite of white. It absorbs all the energy radiated on it making it the best absorbent color. The color has frightened people for very long and has been highly mistaken. Black magic, black fever, and black holes are just some examples.

People gradually started accepting black color and its mystics was embraced by the fashion world. It is this mystery in black that also makes it sexy. Celebrities endorse the color for their fans. Audrey Hepburn’s “Little black dress” making the color and dress iconic. Henry Ford would roll out cars in any color as long as they were black.

Many people are obsessed with black and will wear no other color. Teens go through a stage in life where they feel the urge to wear mostly black, signifying a transition from innocence from childhood to maturity. When we consider favorite color black is the least liked color after yellow. So to be precise the use of black other than costumes is very limited due to its huge representation of negativity.


Black foremost symbolizes power and control. You might feel it when you use a black ink pen or drive a black car. People using black may be respected a lot but they will have fewer friends as it looks more unfriendly, intimidating and unapproachable due to the power connotations. People who love black color are generally sophisticated, conservative and an air of seriousness around them. For the same reasons it also represents secretiveness and withholding of information ex. a black book. The black box is called the black box even though its color is orange because black depicts that the box contains secretive and is an indestructible and sturdy material.

Black is a prestigious color with lots of elegance and formality

It also represents death and grief and is widely worn in funerals. It was also associated with evil, witches and black magic in medieval time.

In the purest form, black does not have any shade. The only color that forms through a combination of black with other colors is ‘Grey’, which is actually a mix of both white and black colors and it will be explained in a different article.


Political movements and oppositions are marked with black colors. It was the color of Italian and German fascism. Black is used throughout the political phase as a color that depicts all the negative traits such as sorrow, poverty, and also the individualistic negative traits are symbolized with black color.

Apart from blue, black is the second most used color in inks.

Chess pieces are black and white, which shows two sides of the same board with two equal and opposite powers. White and black are generally considered as two opposite poles. Since white is represented as lively, black is symbolized as deadly.

Cavalry and armored troops use black color traditionally.

Goddess Kali in Hinduism is pictured black.



Black depicts glamour, sophistication, and exclusivity. When a well-emerging brand uses black as its primary branding color then it is interpreted as a communication sign of seriousness. Black is a strong color, it can interact with the human mind more easily than any other color. The black color immediately changes the mood of one it can be either on a positive side or also at times on a negative side. Business brands that use the color black are more likely to communicate the feeling of being serious, heavy and oppression. The downside of black when it comes to business is that it symbolizes the trains of being menacing, unapproachable, fiery and overly serious. When black is used in branding then the easy-going or lite mentality is take away from the brand’s image and a serious image is embedded onto it.


Black color presents a mystery and a door to the unknown. You might also feel some emptiness or feelings of power wearing black. It also makes you look and feel sexy.

People in depression-like to switch off lights and stay in dark. Too much black has the power of bringing in lots of darkness in the mood. Black also provides a sense of lonely and also makes a person confident. It gives the confidence to deals with things on oneself.


The symbolism of black color is very close by and it’s positive and negatives aspects are closely linked. Below are three brands that use black in their logo, do share the link of such brands you know in comments for others. These brands are very ambitious and their quality is uncompromising.

Brands targeting female have also started using black along with pink to present a picture of maybe femme fatal than the traditional caring and nurturing one.

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