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Bulk sms services – It is time you use the power of immediacy and text messaging as a part of your marketing strategy. YoCreativ combines the technology of text messaging with relationship management to provide a perfect marketing platform to conquer the mobile world. YoCreativ provides Global SMS solutions for businesses worldwide. Businesses can now rely on our Bulk SMS Services and enjoy the benefits of cheaper, smarter, and faster alerts and SMS campaigns.

YoCreativ helps businesses scale up and get started with their text marketing with our robust SMS services. Improve communications and enhance your business operations by partnering with us.

Bulk SMS Services

SMS Marketing – What you need to know?

SMS or Short Message Server, as it is called is also popular as text message. SMS marketing or Text message marketing is an efficient method that lets businesses use the power of SMS to send messages related to promotions, specials or coupons to the customer’s mobile device. The text-based messages are permission-based and are targeted directly towards your business audience, and are sent to mobile users who have opted-in to receive SMS from businesses.

SMS Marketing – Why is it right for your business?

Traditional marketing is no longer effective like before. Be it flyers or other print ads; businesses are not sure if their message is reaching their target audience or not. In today’s digital era, it is important for businesses to adopt technologies that reach on the customer’s smartphone – a device that most of them cannot live without. With the help of SMS services, businesses can easily grab the attention of their audience using an immediate channel.

Provides an instant reach

Unlike other marketing methods, SMS marketing reaches your target audience instantly. Be it a promotion or a coupon or a discount sale; the message reaches your audience in less than 7 seconds. On average, the time taken by a person to open and read the text message is about 4 minutes. You can thus compare this with email marketing where the average time is about 48 hours.

Quite effective

Text marketing is very effective when compared to other forms. While Email marketing produces about 22% of read messages, text messages produce 98% of read messages. If you wish to communicate your company’s message to the target audience, sending a text message to your subscriber’s works instantly.

Increase sales

Customers always love it when they are taken care of. Businesses can offer deals and discounts during holiday period, and sending the message via a text message is a better way to let them know. Studies have shown that coupons sent via SMS are redeemed more when compared to those shared via email or flyer. It is also said that about 20% of these coupons are shared with a friend, thus multiplying the reach.



Unbelievable Rates and Excellent Delivery Speeds

YoCreativ has interconnections with major telecom operators. Our Automated SMS gateway and out technologically advanced infrastructure assure fast delivery of messages with low latencies. We support your campaigns round the clock, helping them deliver the best ROI.

Best Messaging Quality

Sending text messages for your business has never been easy. YoCreativ takes care of the most challenging part of text messaging – delivery them fast and consistently. We make use of technologies that set us apart from the rest. We ensure the quality of SMS services irrespective of the user’s geographical location.

Bulk Messaging

Send bulk texts and alerts to thousands of people at the same time. This saves time and effort and is cost-effective too. Businesses can use a consistent message that can be broadcasted to many customers or subscribers at one go. This is ideal for daily alerts, notifications, special offers, etc.

2 Way Messaging

Businesses can now improve customer satisfaction by using 2 Way Messaging. This service can be used to provide customer support and to connect with prospective customers.


Companies can now automate one or more messages that can be sent to the customers, creating a messaging marketing campaign. We can help create delayed messages with coupon codes or more to keep your customers happy and engaged.

Two – Factor Authentication

Businesses can now authenticate their users using text messages. This adds an extra layer of protection and is very useful in online transactions. YoCreativ integrates the text message API with your website or software to generate OTPs automatically.

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