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Red color psychology – Red is one of the most […]

Red color psychology – Red is one of the most prominent colors of the spectrum because of its high wavelength which makes it visible from a large distance. If used properly, it can make your brand stand distinct and bring a feeling of warmth to your customers. Along with blue and green it is considered as the primary color with the help of which we can derive any other color or shade we need.

Let’s look at a few red colored things in nature:

  • Our blood is red because of the hemoglobin in it.
  • The sky at sunset and sunrise is red because of the Rayleigh scattering.
  • Ripe raspberries and cherries, wine, ruby, and maple tree leaves
  • The color of Mars is red

The Symbolism

Red is associated with things of passion or fire in them which can include affairs of the heart but is more related to sexuality and desire than love. Pink is the color of love, made from a combination of red and white (White represents purity).

For the same passionate reasons, red color represents a threat, danger, anger, and violence.

The positivism of red color comes from its association of life creator through sexual desires and energy. To a particular shade man generally, use the phrase slutty red.

The negativity in red color comes from its association with anger, destruction, war, and threat.

Remember the red signal of danger or color of stop signal in traffic lights?

Shades of red color and their symbolism

  • Light red: With the toned down red hue, it represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity and can also represent love.
  • Pink: Made by adding white which represents purity, it represents romance, love, and friendship. Since females are more emotionally inclined, pink happens to be their favorite color. Pink represents female characteristics, weakness, and passivity.
  • Dark red: With some amount of black which represents deadly seriousness, dark red is associated with leadership, willpower, and courage. It is also associated with evil. Remember the red and black color combination of Dracula?
  • Reddish brown: Brown is associated with earthiness and when mixed with red it gives a reddish brown color. This is associated with harvest and autumn. Since men mostly work on fields, it can also be associated with masculine qualities.

Cultural usage of red color

The human brain is very much related to color. By default, we tend to associate all the colors with respect to its symbolism. This makes appropriate usage of colors in cultural functions become an important factor as colors being an emotional value can create a make or break situation. Red is the most prominent color in Indian wedding for its association with purity and vitality along with the warmth in relations that the wedding is supposed to bring. The same goes for Chinese weddings too but with time the brides have started moving towards the white color.

Ferrari would not be the same it was not red. The feel of Ferrari is brought entirely because of the red color that it proudly holds. The elegant and rich look is depicted from this red color.

Santa Claus is red dressed to bring the warmth on Christmas and you know that any other color on him will be unfathomable. In every scenario, either in the real or fantasies the red color is very much prominent and is used to create an emotion towards the occasion.

Impact of red color on you

We all know that the human heart is associated with the red color, hence red brings excitement and enthusiasm to the viewer by stimulation of energy and increasing the heart rate.

You see a red sign coming out of nowhere or even a lady in a red dress, your heartbeat will tend to increase. This is because of the sub-conscious relation between the color and its respective symbolism in human mind. Both scenes create an urgency to act or respond. They make you aware that something is happening that requires your attention. It is not necessary that the attention should be related to positivity or negativity. Both danger and attraction will create this urgency, hence the impact of red color can be due to both positive aspect as well as the negative aspect.

The Color in Business

Red colors make the brand look energetic with power. It also incites hunger and is the best color for food businesses and restaurants. Red color increases the heart rate and thus the metabolism which makes the viewer feel hungry.

red color psychology also helps in impulse buying as it brings an urgency to act. Paint the windows and doors and see the football. It is one attention-grabbing color. The red color is also associated with trust and confidence and businesses love the red colors.

The major sector that avoids red by default is the medical sector with the exception of the Red Cross that connects with the dire situations it works in. Otherwise, the whole sector avoids red in totality and for a good reason; its association with blood.

Startups in the sector can think about using the color as medical reasons have the fear factor in them and get a top of mind recall. Still, it is a risky chance in all sense. Most of the top brands one way or the other use the red color psychology in their branding, when compared to all the colors red is the widely used colors among the top brands. Few of the brands that use Red as the primary color in their branding are You-tube, Coca-cola, CNN, Toyota, Canon, Puma, Disney and many more.

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