Is Offline Marketing Dead?

When we start asking questions like that, at some point […]

When we start asking questions like that, at some point we realize that the days are numbered for offline marketing. But then, it has survived a decade of digital slaughter and the costs involved in offline marketing are still rising. So it is clearly evident that offline marketing has not lost its charm even though technology has grown to a larger extent.

So why is it that offline marketing which looks like a broken arrow in the marketing armory not dead but indeed flying high?

Why do we still see those newspaper insertions, hoardings, the road side kiosks, and the mindless commercials? Let’s look at a few of the reasons why this form of marketing may be down but not out:

Offline Marketing

You come up with one good idea and the whole world goes crazy. Everyone starts copying it incessantly until it becomes a routine and mundane thing. Social media usage for marketing is a living testimony to that.

The range of options marketers have is limited by ideas, budget and the ambiguity of user response. Hence, the need to not miss out any marketing option has kept offline marketing alive. This makes offline marketing a never-ending process and it will continue to be existing unless and until this routine process encounters a change.

360 Degree Marketing

This concept of marketing cannot be complete without offline. Although its effectiveness has come under heavy fire it is still one area, no brand would like to be exposed to.

After all, marketing is a 24 X 7 work.


One area that offline marketing supersedes digital marketing is branding. Behind all that effort are huge costs which are drastically high. People get a good idea that the brand is well placed financially and they are serious about it.

Notice how startups who get funded boost their offline marketing budget and their exits are preceded by months of offline silence. There is a belief that revolves within the public that if a brand is doing offline marketing i.e. using flux and banners then the company should be well established. This belief is not entirely true, but this is the reason most of the companies spend their budget over this specific marketing technique.

Direct Connect With Customers

You can see a lot of open hoardings in metros, waiting for the brands to occupy them mostly because of their high rates. Owing to the direct connect and brand building incentives, offline marketing holds a fair fighting chance. In long run, it might come out as a major USP between brands.

Marketing agencies know that a good marketing strategy will also have some offline elements in it to support online marketing efforts. This makes that the time took.


Because most conversions happen offline where the personal touch is required. We have to move physically between places and any posters or banners in the way will definitely catch our eyes. Since this marketing is difficult to escape from our eyes, offline marketing is also considered as a vital one. This is something which digital marketing might not be able to deliver. This raises the question of which channels to consider in your marketing strategy?

Let’s look at some of the marketing channels which might come in handy in a cost-effective manner:

1. Networking

You are not connected with everyone on social media for obvious reason but people who you meet personally can carry the discussion online. Go to any startup meet and you’ll end up with many new social media connections as a step ahead in your marketing efforts. Many of the business personals consider dealing in digital mode as an unprofessional form of communication and hence consider communicating in a rather personal form.

2. Speaking Engagements

Explain your product to a group of people listening with a good focus and interest. Smart people volunteer for free speaking to a large audience. They know that first people listen to the idea, then discuss it when you are gone. Some will even share photographs or videos of you or even write articles on the particular event.

These meeting generally end up with people interacting on a more personal and casual level. It also gets converted to online connections impacting sales.

See the connection?

3. Trade Shows

Such events bring a large chunk of the market under one roof and you can see your competitors, across and besides your stall and your vendors and customers moving around. Participation in trade shows is fun too as you decorate your stalls and present your best foot front. If nothing you end up with knowing many people through sharing of the cards with whom you can follow up with later on.

One of the colleagues recommended me to buy a gemstone from one of the dealers who he had met in a trade show. He emphasized how he had impressed him with his knowledge of the art how they had connected after the event. He had been recommending many buyers to his shop over the years.

One good connection and you might recover all the money invested in it.

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