Importance of Digital Marketing in E-Commerce

Importance of digital marketing in eCommerce – As you have […]

Importance of digital marketing in eCommerce – As you have all seen, you have sophisticated voice makeovers, to command devices on what to do. These are some of the common examples of the same. Digital Marketing creates huge revenue and acquires customers and brand value.

  • Alexa, what is trending today? 
  •  Siri, can you please pay the e-bill for me?
  •  Google, what is the latest flick running on PVR today?

Artificial Intelligence is, therefore, leaping forward at enormous speeds. We talk to machines the way we talk to humans. Digitalized marketing is also adapting yourself to the latest mechanisms while promoting your chain of businesses. The trends keep changing every week or fortnight. 

You can make use of social media channels to promote your businesses too. As per the latest A C Neilson survey, 70% of Americans are hooked to their Facebook or Instagram accounts. People check on their emails once a week. The trend or fantasy towards social media is more likely to increase rather than decrease. Digital marketing, therefore, has a tremendous scope at the virtual businesses or the e-commerce industry. The more attractive your campaigns are, the more likely online visitors are going to hit on your business web link. The sale is almost done when you have visitors entering your biz link.

Letting you know the importance of digital marketing in eCommerce

SEO companies

It is imperative that leading SEO companies actively use digital marketing tools to promote their niche of products and services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You get an overview of how to increase the quantity or quality of network traffic in favor of your web site. You get the best of organic search results. 

In other words, your search results, catapult to the top by the world’s leading search engines like Google. SEO also gives you the techniques and tools which you make use of. You can promote your digital marketing campaigns by incorporating some of the effective SEO techniques like Pay per click, Ad word search, and so on. This way, you understand how digital marketing companies and SEO firms share a direct proportion.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Search Engine Marketing is shortly abbreviated as SEM. You can incorporate digital marketing techniques via SEM. SEM makes use of paid ad campaigns based on keywords to reach out to users directly. Users relate to web shoppers. Web shoppers are the ones who are actively searching for web-based companies, specific to their needs. 

SMM can also have a direct impact on the increase in sales volumes. It is a perfectly poised channel that can help you with short-term or aggressive results rather quickly. Google Ad search is a classic example of how you blend digital marketing with paid search campaigns. 

You must have heard of a leading travel company named Trivago. The headquarters is based out of San Francisco. The firm extensively used Google Ad search. The firm did its online search based on keywords used by Google Ad Words. This way, the firm had a 140 percent ROI on its sales turnover. The ecstatic results were achieved in comparatively a shorter period.


You can make active use of e-mail marketing to promote your digital products or services. Emails help you thread sales inquiries, product dispatch emails, after-sales service inquiries and what not. The chain helps you build on your consumer contacts.

You can also thread the email by asking the customers to refer their friends, relatives, or colleagues. The referrals might also show interest in a similar niche on products or services. Say, for instance, Amazon is, coping up with the technique so well. The moment you order for your product online, you are sent a confirmation email. This is the registered e-mail id, you had used to create your account on Amazon. The digitalized invoice is also sent to you via your email. 

The e-commerce biggie further starts sending promotional campaign offers based on the product niche you showed interest in. Personalized emails, newsletters, and campaign offer help you get connected with your loyal consumer base. At the same time, you mustn’t go overboard. Sending too many marketing mailers may get the subscribers frustrated. They may unsubscribe from your site altogether.

Social Media Marketing or SMM

Directly plunging into Social media channels to promote your product range is what is known as Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is also abbreviated as SMM. Digital marketers have extensively been using SMM only for a decade or so. You see shampoo companies, apparel, electronic companies, Web Tools and many many foraying into SMM. You see promotional campaigns, ad blogs and a lot many. 

Instagram is also getting increasingly popular with youngsters of the present gen. You can post travel pics on Instagram to be a super hit among the younger generation. Some companies also encourage their employees to have Twitter accounts. They are constantly in touch with the web consumers through Twitter

Improvised Culture or Social Responses

The digital marketing techniques are in sync with paid campaigns or foray into social media channels. Not only does the visibility of the e-commerce of the above companies increase greatly, but you also seem to be witnessing the boom of social media in ways more than one. You find that your social status catapults among the web audiences. This way, you promote your products or services more effectively. You can unveil service opportunities like never before. For example, Zomato and Swiggy have become household names synonymous with ordering food online. 

By associating your employees to real-time consumers, you can allow the consumers to share their feedback experiences too. This way, you get quicker responses over how customers felt after using your niche on products or services. You can take the corrective action and work towards making your services even better. 


Consumer behavior changes every minute. Digital marketers must be able to track them on time. This way, they can tweak their ad campaigns or online exhibitions accordingly. Make your presence felt in the online world, and use the right digital marketing techniques to sustain over a longer period.

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