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How to get more views on youtube – The content marketing scene is evolving with every passing year, and Video Content is undoubtedly leading the way in 2019. YouTube, the present leading platform for vlogging, video marketing, and sharing is one of the most popular platforms which are loved by all, including us. Though both Facebook and Twitter made an entry into the video marketing segment, they are yet to make an impact.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, only after Google. The platform is not only used to promote and entertain but is used by many to educate their audiences and earn. It is not surprising to know what YouTube has about 22 billion views every month, and an average session lasts less than 40 minutes.

If you are a content creator or a content marketer, you certainly need to know how to get more views on YouTube 2019. It is important to know that the process takes time and a lot of effort. But, if you do it right, you not only get rewarded with good views, but you will receive opportunities that help expand your viewership.

So, how can you generate more views and gain new subscribers? Mentioned below are some easy techniques that you can follow to achieve your goals.

Use Keyword Rich and Descriptive Titles

If you want your YouTube videos to be highly visible, you need to do some keyword research. By using the right keywords, you are helping the algorithm to sort out the videos for relevancy, and by using descriptions; you are letting your viewers know that the video is all about.

There are many keyword research tools available online that can be used for your YouTube keyword research. You can then optimize the content on your YouTube channel using the right keywords and gain organic views.

Make sure your descriptions stand-out and are generic.

Make Use of Tags

We often neglect adding video tags when we upload a video on YouTube. These tags are never to be ignored as they help the viewers and the algorithms to know what your video content is all about. The video tags, when used along with the title and description, will reflect the core of your video content.

The Thumbnail Image

Optimizing the thumbnail image can help increase the views of your video on YouTube. Make sure you use high-quality images and readable and appealing fonts along with some impressive facial-close-ups. Make sure the thumbnail you use is the visual correspondent of the title and the description you have used for the video.

Spend Time on Video Transcripts

Do you know that the captions of your video transcripts can increase the ranking of your YouTube channel? Closed captions can certainly help video creators get more views as they cater to the disabled and international audiences as well.

Your videos can get good views when they rank well in the organic results of YouTube and captions help you achieve that with ease.

Know the Viral Trends

If you wish to stay ahead of the race, you certainly need to create a video that can help you take advantage of the existing viral video trends. If you know that there is an already built-in desire to watch a specific kind of content and that it is viral, you certainly need to create videos surrounding similar topics(if you can).

Well, it is not always possible to create video content based on trends, but find a clever way to do the same and boost the views of your videos in no time.

Give Guest YouTubers a Thought

Guest YouTubers are mostly the influencers who have a good following of their own. Like guest posting for content, Guest YouTubers can do wonders when done right. You can start by knowing the influencers in your niche. Send them a message for collaboration, and you can offer to link their website or their video link in your video descriptions. This way you can form beneficial relationships and boost your views.

Use the Cards Wisely

Cards are one of the best optimization features provided by YouTube that lets you promote your content with the video. Users can create cards and use them for various purposes. Some of them are listed below.

  • To promote your video content
  • Helps you obtain more subscribers
  • Ask for donations
  • Send good traffic to your blog or website
  • Ask users to take part in a poll

You can also use cards to drive traffic to videos that have fewer views. You can also use behavioral analysis to know where most of the viewers stop watching the video and place your cards well before that. This way, you can be sure that the cards are seen.

Create Appealing End Screens

End screens are an important part of your video content, and they serve a very unique function. End screens can be used to thanks viewers for their time, and you can even ask them to subscribe. Some of the popular YouTube channels use end screens to recommend their top videos, drive traffic to their playlists and websites. When you do so, you not only gain views to most of your videos, but you also gain subscribers.

End Screens can be added from Video Manager. Just click the edit option of the video and click the option “End Screens and Annotations.” You can also add additional features from the same. Make use of end screens to promote your very own content before people get driven away from your videos or your channel.


You can create playlists for similar kinds of videos as it increases the views and view time, as the videos play automatically. Viewers get to watch the videos consecutively and do not need to navigate away from the player.

You can make unique playlists, and create a relevant flow before you post them to the channel.

Be a Part of Your Niche Community

You can always promote yourself as an expert in your niche, but being an active member of the niche community has its own perks. Make sure you check out other videos from the same niche, comment on them, and offer them feedback. If the video you watched lacks in any information, you can link back to your video content for further info. Just be kind and helpful, and you will for sure be rewarded with a whole lot of views.

Social Media Profiles

Have you ever tried cross-platform promotion of your videos? If you haven’t, it is time you do so. Cross-platform promotion works well with YouTube as it drives more traffic to your channel, increasing the views. Share the links of your videos on your social media profiles and funnel them towards your channel or videos. You can share the link as it is, or as a post with a description.

By doing so, you are also bringing good traffic to YouTube, which will help you with Organic ranking as well.

Gaining views on your YouTube videos can take a lot of time, especially when you are a beginner. The platform follows its very own checks, and algorithms, all of which make sure that the video content reaching its users is of good quality.

Start by uploading quality content and be consistent with the same. Try to build more subscribers as they will help increase the views on each and every video of yours.

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