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How to Create A Business Page On Facebook – Your web presence can dominantly be felt when you have a social media profile linked to your business site. Social media channels are becoming a powerful media that attracts millions of web users around the world. Thanks to the design outlay and the ergonomic feel the creators have lent to the same. Thousands of people access their Facebook accounts over their e-mail accounts.

How to Create A Business Page On Facebook

Sign Up Process – I

How do I create a business page on Facebook? Well, to answer this question, here you have the first and the foremost step. You will have to type in the facebook business. You will have to click on ‘Create a page’. This is at the top right-hand corner of the FB business page. You will have business-related options to choose from. These include local business or place, product or brand and community or cause. You need to ideally select the type of business, you are creating the Facebook business page for. If you have more than two product categories, select the one, your customers most likely associate you with. What do the users picture when they think about your business? This is the product category you link with. This is while creating a Facebook Business page.

Signing Up the Process – II

This is the next section of the Sign-up process. Once you select the relevant business category, it will ask you to mention the name of the business entity. Once you are done with entering the name, it will ask you for the business address. You need to list out items you project showcasing via the product category. Categories are sub-classes within the broader business category you have chosen. When you start typing in the product category fields, the screen will throw a list of options. These are the potential product category options, you can right-royally choose from. Once you are done with answering all the questions on the Sign-up session, you will have to click on the next option. This is ‘Get Started’.

SignUp Process- III

This is the third and the final step in getting through with the sign-up. You will have to check a tick-box that asks you to accept ‘Facebook’s terms and conditions’. The screen will allow you to proceed further, once you check on this particular box.

Adding the Right Set of Pictures

Once the sign-up process is complete, here comes the next step. You will have to upload profile pictures for your Facebook page. But again, you need to choose the right set of images. These are, web images you want, your web audiences, connect you with. Choose photos that align with your brand identity. Your audiences need to recognize these pics in tandem with your line of business. You can upload a personalized image of you or your business founders. These are further accompanied by your business name in the search results. Once you interact with your Facebook connects, your profile image pops up at the top left of your FB page.

If you are a big brand, you can use your company’s logo. If you are a celebrity or a public figure, going by your personalized photo image can be the best option. If you are a local business, you can have a well-shot image of a signature offering. This way, your customers or potential followers, can make the connection, almost instantly. Your Facebook profile image appears as a square on the main page. While it appears as a circle in ads or blog posts you associate with. Now click on ‘Upload profile picture’.

Choose your cover image

Now it is time to choose the right cover image. You give a background to the profile pic and the main page. Again, you need to choose the cover image in such a way, that this is the most prominent one. That is visible on your Facebook business page. The image should definitely capture the essence of your brand.

And also convey your brand personality. This is how your cover photo displays itself across desktops and mobiles. The cover image occupies 820 X 312 pixels on desktops and laptop screens while it is 640 X 360 pixels on mobile phones or smart-phone tablets. Plan your image in such a way that it is at least 400 pixels wide and 150 tall. Once you are done with selecting an appropriate ‘Cover Image’, click on ‘Upload a Cover Photo’.

Explore the features

Here is an overview of your brand new Facebook business page. You will have to start exploring the features of each prompt. This can be done one by one. You will have to take a quick walk-through of a few important features. Are you well-versed with how an FB business page actually operates? If your answer is yes, you can skip this particular step. Else it is highly recommended that you start clicking through the prompts. You need to familiarize yourself with where everything is. It just takes a few seconds by exploring important prompts.

Add a small business description

You now have the skeleton of your business page in place. But you will have to do certain groundwork before you start sharing the page amongst your web audiences. Here, comes the time to tell customers what your business is all about. Click on ‘Add a small description’. You need not type a lengthy essay over here. Just say in a concise and precise manner as to what your business is all about. Suppose you intend running an online apparel store just mention ‘’Daily Fashions deal with trendy cardigans, sweaters, Men’s Wear and Ladies Wear at bottom-line prices; with great quality too.’’

Click on the ‘Save’ button, once you are done.

Creation of a User name

The complete know-how on how do I create a business page on Facebook is far from over. You have a few more steps waiting down the pipeline. You will have to create the ideal form of a user name. Though you have a free length character space of 50, it is ideal you do not use extra characters. Remember one thumb rule. Your user name is also called your vanity URL. It tells people exactly as to how they can locate you via FB.

Once you have decided on this, select the option ‘Click a Username for your page’. This way, your vanity URL has been set up.

Click on ‘Create Username’. This is once you have decided on the vanity URL. You will have a pop-up box, showing you the links, people can use. This helps to connect with your business via FB or Messenger. Once everything has been done, click on OK. The screen will let you capture other details in connection with creating your FB business page.

Complete Your About Section

Once you open the business page of Facebook, you get easy to fill in the snippet. It is called the ‘About You’ section. You can change the section to About Us if the software allows you to do so. You need to fill all the sections on the ‘About’ section. Without delaying things further, you can capture the maximum details you want to say about the company. For an easy understanding, I have bulleted the points. Here is what you need to include in the About section

  1. Opening and closing hours of the store or business entity
  2. Info on whether you cater to customers online
  3. The main fleet of products/services you deal with (Just focus on the primary product line and not the secondary)
  4. Exact area location where your store is located
  5. The main mission statement of your firm

Facebook is the first point of contact for the customers to get in touch with you. Hence it is ideal you need to furnish the relevant details so that you don’t miss out on anything. You can hire an executive to include these details for you if you have slogged for hours on building the site. When you feel like editing details you can choose ‘Edit page info’. Keep checking details to see if you have missed out on something. Then hit on the ‘Save’ button.

Create the first post

You must be jumping at the idea of inviting friends and family to like your Facebook page. But before that, you will have to give your site with relevant content. Create interesting blogs on how customers can use your products. You can also include some punch lines from thought-provoking leaders. This way, you make the page interesting enough to captivate attention. You can click on ‘Create an Event’ or ‘Get people to view a product’ or so on from the drop-down menu. You can organize a small webinar to familiarize your known circle of friends about the product line you are into. You can ask them to provide you with leads or spread the word across. This way, you get the momentum going. And web traffic automatically improves manifold.

Get into Active Engagement

Now it is time to engage yourself in a full swing. You can ask friends, family and visitors to like your Facebook page. You can use other social media channels like Twitter to promote your product line. Add ‘Follow Us’ logos on your promotional materials. You can also use these on your email signatures. Once you start feeling comfortable about the whole thing, you can ask your friends to post their review comments on your Facebook business page.

These are the full-length steps that answer the question, how do I create a business page on Facebook.

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