Easy Steps and Tips for Email Marketing

Is the email marketing complex? Well, be it list building […]

Is the email marketing complex? Well, be it list building or copywriting, we can always look for something to learn and improve and the same applies to email marketing as well. Marketers or business owners who have limited time can find it hard to keep up with the trends. This is one of the reasons why they need to learn about easy steps and tips for email marketing.

Let us in this post learn about some must follow steps and learn about the details before you start your next email campaign.

Easy Steps for Email Marketing

Start email marketing by Building Organic Email Lists

Not everyone understands the importance of building organic email lists – it is an integral part of an “effective marketing campaign”. Lists that are borrowed or purchased or those that have been scrapped do not show the expected results as most of the email addresses included in them can be fake. So, emails sent to such addresses land up in the spam folder or just get deleted. Organic email lists, on the other hand, provide better open and click rates and this provides you with real leads.

Start Creating Relevant Segments

Before sending any emails across, it is important to segment the email list. Marketers need to study the demographics, the interests and so on of the subscribers as it helps when you group them into segments. When you are able to define your target audience properly, you can send engaging content that results in better conversion.

Pay Attention to Subject Lines

The subject line is the most important element of any email campaign. As per research, it is said that about 33% of the users open the email based on its subject line. If your email as a weak subject line, the email can also be filtered into junk or just be deleted without being opened. Make sure to use captivating phrases but also maintain the character limit to avoid it being marked as spam.

The Design and The Layout

Once you have decided on the subject line, you need to pay attention to the color used, the template pattern and of course various other design elements like images, the typography, etc. The email layout needs to grab the subscriber’s attention and the content and images used need to be engaging and captivating. You can also include prominent calls-to-action in the form of text or graphics or graphic designing.

Create Personalized Content

You can make your emails more engaging and personal by personalization. Also, creating content that is up to the point and relevant is important too. You can study the behavior, the likes and interests of your subscribers before you create content targeted to them. By using personalized content, you can reflect a perfect brand image and this in turn, results in a more loyal relationship with your subscribers. This can lead to a big win when it comes to your email marketing campaign.

The Landing Pages for email marketing

You wouldn’t agree more when we say that the landing pages are an essential part of any email marketing campaign. These act as a gateway where the email conversions take place. Make sure the emails are paired up with well-designed landing pages, that have a sign-up form or to buy a service or a product and so on. Remember that a well-built landing page can easily boost sales.

Test the Emails

Once the email layout, content and landing pages are ready, you need to test various combinations of the design to check what works the best for your campaign. The important elements that you need to check are the font sizes, the colors used, formatting and the style.

Automation of Your Emails

Marketers can also set up automated campaigns of the emails, using which series of emails can be sent to the subscribers informing them about your brand, the products or services offered and so on. Such automated emails can also be in the form of promotional emails or behavioral emails.

Add an Unsubscribe Option

Every brand needs to give enough space to its subscribers to connect or engage with their product or service. So, the email needs to provide options using which they can share details about the brand on social media platforms. Likewise, you also need to add an unsubscribe option which enables them to opt-out from receiving any further emails from you.

Track and Measure

Before the emails are sent, it is important to set up tracking as it helps to evaluate how effective the campaign is. Once you are able to track the metrics, you can make the needed tweaks in your next email marketing campaign.

Tips for Email Marketing

Now that we have learned about easy steps to start an email campaign, let us have a look at some tips that will come in handy.

  • Make sure to test every subject line before sending the emails. You can make use of free tools to check how it would look in your subscriber’s mailbox.
  • Use the name of a real person in the Sender’s field.
  • Use power words in the subject line and in the content as they compel users to take action.
  • Do not hesitate to experiment with stats or numbers as they can show a modest rise in email click rates.
  • Always create a curiosity gap as if you are teasing the customer with just a hint of what to expect.
  • Do not use all caps in the subject line of your email.
  • Do not shy away from using emojis.
  • Make sure the sentences you are using are less than 25 words and the paragraphs are less than 3 sentences. Also, do not exceed 17-24 characters when writing the subject line.
  • Include at least one CTA like a pro.
  • Always offer something that is of value to the subscriber.

Well, the above mentioned are a few easy steps and tips for email marketing. If you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, you are sure to pick up a few tactics from above and reap benefits.

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