Role of Colors and Their use in Branding

Branding color schemes – The movie Mr. Nobody has a […]

Branding color schemes – The movie Mr. Nobody has a scene in which the protagonist (Mr. Nobody) comes across three neighborhood girls dressed in yellow, blue and red. The same three girls go on to impact the life of the protagonist in ways that are symbolized by the color of dress they wear in that shot. This particular shot shows how important colors are to us.

Branding Color Schemes

The colors give a shortcut to the mind of what the particular thing may or may not have in it and to that we respond at a subconscious level.

The business logo is more than an image for the brand and not just because of its design which undoubtedly plays an important role. Color plays a major role in the logo. It’s the color combination that actually defines the logo and not the other way round.

The colors increase brand recognition by 80%. Loyal customers will not be able to identify the right logo of the brand from a bunch of similar looking designs.

The power of color comes from the emotions and feeling it generates in the viewers as to how they feel about the particular brand. It also makes the brand stand apart from its competitors and gives a whole new identity to the business. Many studies have revealed that more than 90% of impulsive decisions on product purchase are done based on colors. It is important to have the right color fit with the product.

Different Colors and Their Symbolism

The symbolism of color varies with culture and even in the same culture, it can vary with time. Further, the colors are context driven and the context changes with time. The symbolism of colors has both positive and negative feelings in them. You need to remind yourself regularly that colors have both positive and negative connotation and are highly subject to interpretation.

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