“Content is the king” is every digital marketing agency’s cry out and fairly so. Lots of articles and blogs have been dedicated to this piece of fact and they all confirm that the content has to be engaging, relevant, interesting and much more. The real problem begins when you start to realize that there is so much content you can create without sounding repetitive or monotonous. To make it interesting and humorous is another level of challenge you have to deal with once you see lower traffic on your articles. Not to forget that the content has to be 100% original as plagiarized content risks punishment from Google. So what do you do?

Looking for Cheap SEO solutions?

Well, many organizations resort to hiring content writers or payroll or contract basis which is a costly affair in itself. They then try to generate content by hiring really cheap content writers based in developing countries like India. This also starts looking expensive in long run and unsustainable. Many webmasters then try to generate backlinks through artificial ways and approach a cheap digital marketing agency in Gurgaon or Delhi who promise them a strong link profile on various blogs and pages. The marketing agencies in Gurgaon take projects at a very low cost and content creation cost eats into the profit margin. They then do what is called as “article spinning”. Before we get into more detail in article spinning, you need to understand that is another dirty trick in black hat SEO.

Black Hat and Article Spinning

Black hat SEO is basically any short cut or trick that one does to cheat Google Crawlers and to get a higher SERP. Once you really understand how black hat SEO works you will start appreciating why Google goes after them ruthlessly. The marketing agency in Gurgaon writes one blog and then uses abundant software or websites available to spin them. The spun articles are then posted on hundreds of pseudo-blogs and low-grade article collection sites to build link profile and rank artificially in SERPs.

article spinning software

Coining and its versions?

We are not Shakespeare who coined so many phrases and words in English that are still in use on the other hand we are normal people trying to make living one way or the other. Having cleared that off my chest, let us accept the fact that people spin all the time whenever they have to write on something they do not know about it in detail. They read about it for understanding, take references and points and then write them in their own language. Remember, the essay writing we used to do in School. That’s more like it.

How we cheated our English teacher is basically by changing the wordings or voice of the sentence or even by clubbing them together in some really creative ways. For example if I had to write – Digital marketing agency in Gurgaon are really nice. I could write the same line as:

  • In Gurgaon there are really nice digital marketing agencies
  • Gurgaon has some really nice digital marketing agency
  • The best digital marketing agencies in India are found in Gurgaon.
  • Some of the best digital marketing agencies are found in Gurgaon

I could go on and create many sentences like these with all of them having similar meanings.

The English teacher would find it difficult to catch the copied work, limited by her own readings but not Google. Google can match your content with millions of other pages and tell you exactly from where you have copied it. Hence comes in tool like copyscape for checking the plagiarism score.

What is article Spinning actually?

Even writing an article like the one above requires some research and getting a good understanding of the topic. The digital marketing agency is in a hurry than you really think. So they simply use a software and puts in some more factors to build the gap to be safe from Google and who is trying to catch him up.

Article spinning tool

He picks an article from some site and pastes it into the software and selects different engine for different paragraphs and frequency of word changing he is looking for. The software generates the spun content which looks somewhat like this:

Original Content

Content To Spin

Spun Content

spin content

The software simply replaces the words in original content with similar meaning words or in SEO terms as LSI keywords. The digital marketing agency then simply posts it on various platforms and backlinks to the client company thus building its link profile and a boost in SERP.

But you can clearly see that the spun content is simply useless for any human being to read or make sense of and thus throwing a lot of garbage in the internet. How frustrating it would be if every time you searched for something and got this kind of meaningless garbage. This is why bad SEO is really bad for everyone.

How do they do it?

Let’s look at how software will spin a simple sentence like – “A good digital marketing agency does not spin articles for content creation.”

 article meaning after spinning

Is article spinning wrong?

Article spinning like the one shown above with the help of machine where a typical reader cannot make sense out of it or does not follow the syntax of language is really wrong. But if you are doing it manually by taking points from multiple sources, changing the language and tone and putting in your views, it is still good. Just like the English teacher, Google and readers will ignore the fact. Your article may help someone who might be looking for similar information in simplified ways.

Why you should not spin articles

Article spinning is a short term solution and every digital marketing agency knows this. Sooner or later Google will catch you and once they do the ranks will tank. So will every effort and money that you have put in past and will in future to get the domain ranked. It is also a crime on people who look for some information on net and get your garbage in return.

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