10 Latest SEO Strategies Needed To Get Huge Traffic In 2020

Are you posting a lot of blog posts and still […]

Are you posting a lot of blog posts and still not getting organic traffic? Are you generating content on varied genres, but waiting for at least one of them go viral? You can hit on the dashboard when you follow the right kind of SEO strategy. These techniques are meant to catapult your site rankings to the top search slots of Google. Presenting you with 10 latest SEO strategies needed to get huge traffic in 2020:

Enhance the Speed of Your Page

Sluggish page loading can make you lose tons of business. It has been estimated through numerous surveys that a web user cannot get hooked to a web page if it doesn’t load up within the first three seconds. Do you want statistical figures proving the same?

It has been revealed by an SEO agency in Gurgaon that slow-loading pages lose about $ 2.6 billion every year. It is also estimated that 80% of users who witnessed slower loading pages never return to the site back. This will impact your rankings on Google search, Yahoo or Bing. You need to have an excellent page loading speed for your mobiles and desktop screens. These are some tips for having a fabulous page loading speed:

  • You cannot have a great speed if you have striking images. Larger images can take a significant space in your memory. You need to have images under 100 KB.
  • Do you have the larger images that need to be used on your site? Then, you can use an image compressor like a zip file. You can concise your images and save them on named zip files.
  • You can enable browser caching.
  • You can take steps to reduce server response time.
  • In addition to the above-stated steps, delete content that is no longer used on the site.

Link building

You can use links on your own site. Link building can be an effective one when you include other site links too. Before building authentic links on your content, these are things you need to keep track of:

  1. You need to add the links below the descriptive boxes given at the end of the content. Adding descriptive links in the right spaces is the need of the hour. This way, the web user will clearly understand which page he/she is directed to. This is post clicking the link.
  2. Make sure, the data as stated on the back or front links are up to date and relevant.
  3. You need to choose a trustworthy or a creditable source site for the content you build with.
  4. Are you using external sites for your content? Then, you would not want Google to start crawling upon these sites. You can use an effective attribute to combat this. Use rel=“nofollow”
  5. You can also effectively use internal links. You can use these to re-direct the user from one page to another. As per a top SEO company in Gurgaon, this link-building technique can boost the average time on site.

Optimizing sites for mobile or smartphones

This is a great SEO technique; you need to comply with. Almost 80% of online sales or shopping happens via mobile phones or smartphone tablets. You can have your web site compatible with mobile phones. This way, you can almost divert 52.2% of the network traffic in favor of your site. You need to apply effective mobile compatible themes, on the site. These are few tips on how you can optimize your e-site in a mobile-friendly manner:

  • You need to code your web site using HTML 5. Avoid using flash images as I-phones don’t allow them to load.
  • Again, you must avoid using too many pop-ups. Pop up screens can look attractive on a desktop. While on the mobile, these pop-ups utilize too much of space. Plus, it bothers users who want to use their phones to save time.
  • You need to build on a responsive website. The flexible design adapts itself to the screen size.
  • You need the designing expert to incorporate ease of navigation throughout the website. This is mainly because the user will not have short-cuts or a keyboard to navigate on your site.

Try decreasing the bounce rate

What is a bounce rate? It refers to the percentage of your online crowd who had left your site. Especially without reading or scrolling through it further. A lower bounce rate is what is ideal for your website. These are the tips for you to keep a tab on your bounce rates:

  • Use engaging videos, infographics, images, and exciting visuals all through the site. This will garner the momentum or excitement to stay logged into your site for longer.
  • You will have to identify areas or spots on account of which the web users are abandoning your site. This way, you can use quick fixes to rectify the same.
  • Attempt using exit pop-ups. What happens now? A pop-up message appears every time they are done reading a section of the page. Or while they are about to leave your web page.
  • You can use links, CTAs, or buttons to let users know that they can open a new tab link. This is exactly at the same moment they click on your site. This way, the page refreshes itself on another tab. The uninterrupted flow of info keeps the momentum going among the web users.

Avoid coding that is outdated and redundant

Branded e-commerce consoles focus majorly on the page design, back-end work, etc. But they fail to remove coding that can impact the speed of the site. The search rankings and user experience also get tossed over, this way. What are the steps by which you can eliminate these codes?

  • You can eliminate these two attributes from your site. These include On-Page JavaScript and CSS. Now, Google can crawl pages faster. This way, your organic traffic increases.
  • You can reduce redundant codes or Line of Codes that trigger the non-ease mode of the site page. This way, your site loading pages open faster. Users to get a great experience.
  • You need to minify the CSS.

Need to aim for featured snippets

You must to surprised to know this. It has been estimated that 26% of the clicks go to the first URL in the absence of a featured snippet. If you do have featured snippets, the clicks drop to 19.6%. Here, you instantly witness a sharp 6.4% drop. How do you boost chances of getting featured snippets without you inserting one of your own?

  • Format the blog content or learning modules via bullets or numbered lists
  • Design content in such a way that it identifies what type of questions your web audience comes up with.
  • You need to provide content that answers commonly asked queries in the most compatible manner. You can use FAQs for the purpose.
  • Keep shorter blogs or product descriptions to 40-50 words each. This way, Google will itself award them with featured snippets.

Use keywords that target a higher CPC

What do you understand by a CPC? CPC refers to Cost per Clicks. CPC or the Cost per Clicks is the number of money advertisers or sponsors are ready to pay for each click campaign. Higher CPC indicates that sponsored advertisers are ready to pay more for the targeted set of keywords. These keywords are meant to lure genuine online users.

Targeting high CPC keywords help you present your content. This is to those of you who are genuinely interested in going through it or read the lines till the bottom of the page. If a user is keenly interested in learning about a particular topic, he/she will scroll through it till the end of the page.

Tips to target high CPC keywords:

  • Use SEO tools like SEMrush to get the best-allotted keywords.
  • Use target keywords in close sync with the content you prefer publishing.
  • You can use long-tail phrases or keywords. This technique can boost organic rankings on specific searches.

How do you generate quality content for your users?

You need to analyze the type of audiences who will go through the site. Do you publish data for an educational website? If yes, you can create mind-blogging content or info that can excite career seeking individuals. You can use video tutorials on what courses are less traveled but have higher traction rates in getting you your dream job. Google will rank you down if you fail to provide content based on what the online users are looking for.

Tips to generate high-quality content for intent users:

  • You can create a Content marketing strategy to make engaging posts and blogs. Based on what your audience wants.
  • You must stick to topic-related keywords. These are the terms that initiated the user towards clicking on your site.
  • Identify what the user’s core intent is — design content in relation to that.
  • Finally, generate high-quality content to satiate the needs of online users.

Effective Usage of Headings or Header Tags

Effectively using headings or header tags can improve readability by a considerable deal.

  • Learn to segregate your content into main headings, side headings, and bulleted lists. You can further use main topics or sub-topics to add a better tint to content.
  • Try using shorter sentences wherever possible. Keep the length to 15-20 words per sentence.
  • Aim for an above 60 on your readability score. You can make the settings accordingly on your CMS.
  • Try not using more than 300 words per heading. If you have more content exceeding the same, use side-headings or sub-topics for the purpose.

Maintain the XML Map for Your Site

This is an important SEO technique; you cannot afford to miss out on. You need to create an optimal XML map for your website. The XML site map also must be optimized effectively. This way, Google finds your web pages and indexes them. You can boost your site traffic this way.

Tips to Enhance your XML sitemap are as follows:

  • You can create a site map. Then, you can hand it over to Google. How do you think this happens? You reach Google Search Console.
  • 50 MB is the maximum size limit for your site maps. If it exceeds the count, you can use G-zip. This compresses the sizes of sitemaps.
  • You must modify a page’s notification status only while you intend making major changes to your web page.

These are the 10 latest SEO strategies needed to get huge traffic in 2020. Start implementing the strategies to witness the traffic you have always dreamed of.

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