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Advanced SEO Techniques – Web Masters work hard to take their websites to a bigger audience and to drive a good amount of traffic. They work on many aspects and the most important of them is creating content. Driving traffic to the website becomes a big challenge when the attention span of viewers is decreasing or distractions are increasing. It is important to segregate all your traffic sources and target them individually. A recent statistical study by ‘conductor’ shows that nearly 80% of all website traffic comes from organic searches. To stand out in competition one has to be equipped with the best methods to conquer this huge traffic base.

Undoubtedly there would be many other websites that provide similar content in similar topics as of yours. It would be extremely difficult to get the required traffic using direct links. So to be ahead of all these competitors it is a must to adopt the best SEO techniques. Below is the list of advanced SEO techniques that would help you to achieve your desired intent.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Content Creation:

Content is the most important aspect of SEO which if handled effectively will give back huge returns. Creating videos, Infographics, EBooks and other rich media will play a vital role in search engine optimization. Trying to understand user intent and serving the appropriate content will give the website an upper hand in tapping Semantic SEO.

Defining an SEO code of ethics for your company and foreseeing the upcoming industrial standards is also very important in channelizing the traffic. Creating really addictive content is extremely important as the more time a user spends on your website; the more effective will be the SEO.

Update and Republish Old Blog Posts frequently:

Updating your blogs regularly will boost the traffic generated over by many folds. There is often a “power law” that applies to existing posts where a small number of older posts drive a significant percentage of traffic. This can happen even if their previous content creation efforts were uneven and not particularly focused on SEO. Updating these posts would generate even more traffic. Update here refers to adding new content, editing anchor texts, providing additional media files, updating title tags, adding links of external references.

Create SEO optimized landing pages:

A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. Converting visitors to leads is a necessary breakthrough for any website; an SEO optimized landing page will be helpful in fulfilling this need.

To make a landing page SEO optimized, find a long-tail keyword and use it throughout the page. Make sure the content in the landing page is of use in nature and of top-notch quality.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly:

Today, over 60% of generic searches are performed on a mobile device. So it is extremely important to make sure that the website looks good and performs well on a mobile device.

Making your website mobile friendly is no longer a luxury but a necessity. There are many platforms available online to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not. If it is not, then it is a must to redesign the site. As creating a responsive mobile friendly website will definitely increase your traffic significantly.

Find your competitors’ SEO keywords:

Learning from others experience is considered to be one of the best learning methods. Why reinvent the wheel when the entire tough task has already been done by your competitors. Spending a little time researching through their target keywords would save you a lot of time when seen in the long term.

Analyzing the top-ranked keywords and using them would give you a sure success and is considered to be the least time-consuming act in generating traffic. To get a deeper idea for long-tail keywords, using the Google keyword planner is a must.

Web Analytics:

The most pioneer approach of creating a website would be to categorize the target audience by age, education, and region. Understating the conversion attribute to predict how many stages were involved in making a person finally appear on the website site is also considered vital. Analytics ranging from Google analytics to Twitter analytics gives you a clear picture of your progress.

Social Media Engagement:

A major Off-page SEO technique is social media engagement. If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, engage with people on multiple social media platforms. Social media presence will help you grow your business and also help you to get more backlinks.

Using infographics to boost traffic:

It is a clear fact that the human mind has the capacity to retain subjects with ease if they are accompanied by visuals. If a large number of info-graphics are used appropriately then it is very likely that the website would bring in a good number of traffic.

Using the method of SEO deep linking:

SEO deep linking is the method using anchor text to link to other pages inside your blog. This shows Google the depth of your site’s pages and encourages it to index more of them. When all the internal pages of your website are linked with one another effectively then it would be easier for Google spider to see all your WebPages in an organized way.

These advanced SEO techniques may not be the easiest to implement – they certainly demand a bit of effort to incorporate these parameters while building a website, but they are incredibly effective. Using these strategies can double your search traffic, especially when combined with addictive content.

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