Social media marketing is the toast of digital marketing. Every brand has its page on most of them where they post communications and interact with users. Businesses use them for brand engagement and building small brands. Startups use it as a mouthpiece and freelancers for quick connections with sales. Apart from user engagement, it also provides an opportunity to widen their sales funnel and generate sales leads.

What is a sales lead?

A lead is contact information of the person or a group of people who have shown interest in your product or service. Lead is a contact that can be used for conversion. Unlike regular contacts and e-mail subscribers, leads are users that have potential to be converted your customer and can result in sales.

The basic objective of lead generation is to collect the information of target group and contacts of people who have shown interest in your business. There is a fair chance that trough these contacts your business is likely to achieve more conversions (sales). Once the information is collected it is passed on to the sales team who talk to them. They explain the product or service to the lead and close the sales. Lead generation is the first phase of sales and its sole aim is to increase users of the business.

Why is social media used for lead generation?

Social media marketing is one of the finest ways of generating leads primarily because of its sheer size, usage and the fact that everything can be posted there. The number of time users spends on social media platforms has increased progressively. This results in the increased scope of reaching out to a new crowd and generating leads through social media marketing. Consumers find it easy and convenient to strike a conversation on social media which makes it easy to build a relationship with the consumers. To be specific the benefits of lead generation through social media are- 

  •  Improved quality of leads.
  •  Acquiring new customers.
  •  Increase in quantity of leads.
  •  Ease in measuring performance.
  • Automated marketing process.
  • Reduced cost of acquiring leads.

Steps to follow for generating leads through social media marketing

Know your audience

 The whole world may be on social media but all will not be your target audience. Be clear with the audience you want to target and segment them on different parameters. Social media platforms know that segmentation plays a key role and providing mass targeting option will not be a good idea. They provide filters for segmentation on various parameters like demographics, behaviour, interest, activities etc.

Knowing your target audience will help you decide the right social media channel to use for generating maximum and quality leads. Create a profile on the desired social media channel and get started.

It will also help in building your persona online and setting up the communication style.

Engaging your audience

After you have defined your target audience, next important thing is to bond with your audience. If you don’t engage, however creative or relevant your content may be, you won’t be able to generate leads.

You have two options to get started- either start posting content just like that or post content with the aim of engaging your audience. Creating content might make you a good content creator and people may find your posts interesting but they may not enter your sales funnel. On the other hand, engaging them will land them in sales funnel with high probability. One can start the bond by accompanying your post with open-ended questions like asking the readers about what they feel about something and much other stuff.

Another important thing is that your actions should convey that your brand is listening to your customers. Stick to generating the kind of information that will help you design the content to fit your target market’s interests.

Follow up

Be specific in following up your target. Build trust and produce high quality content to hook up with the consumer to convince them of your product or service.

Make sure, your follow ups is subtle through your posts and messages and not in the face for people to start looking the other way round.


The best thing about social media is its opportunity to experiment around and see the responses. So feel free to move around and ensure that your content has the potential to get viral.

Back up your post with facts and figures while being consistent with your efforts. Follow the trends and time your posts to generate maximum engagement and quality leads.

With 700 billion + internet users you don’t know where your customer is.

Lets touch upon the top 03 social media platforms you might consider using it and we won’t go in detail as they are way more than common.


Facebook has the most number of active users besides its ease to use. It is cost effective and pay per click costs less that other sources.

– Most effective of generating leads on facebook is in the form of contests, because it draws, maximum attention.

– create custom tabs because it helps you to generate leads without having to send customer on any external link.

– treat your page as host that’s going to address an audience on your behalf. Be creative, use info graphics to be captivating

– It’s worth it to invest in paid facebook ads because it generates high returns on investment.


82% of generated social media leads comes from twitter and 74% of companies use twitter for content distribution.

– Paid twitter ads and twitter cards when used in a right way to target right group of people, can generate high ROI. Investing in these sources for generating leads is one of the best idea.

– Be easy on hash tags, keep your content short and fuss free and schedule your tweets.


Instagram is one of the budding ways to generate leads. It’s a popular social media platform with a wide reach. There are brands that are successfully operating on instagram because they are strategic in their approach to generate leads

– keep your content creative, use definite hash tags.

– putting up stories and going for a shout out with the pages and brads that have the followers that you want to target

– use short clips, captivating captions and be creative enough to engage your audience

– revert back and keep a check on comments on your post and make your audience feel that they are being heard.

To summarise, be strategic in approach and decide the right the right channel to go with to generate maximum quality leads.

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